Mel Washington Releases First Single “Come Back”

Mel Washington is an eclectic man. He’s shown that he can rock out on stage swinging his dreads back and forth. He’s shown he can drop the bass as DJ Meliphant. He’s shown that he can silence and capture a room with the smooth deep tone of his voice at acoustic songwriters night. And On […]

The Explorers Club Release New Single “No Good to Cry”

  With their latest single The Explorer’s Club take us back to the Summer of Love with their take on “No Good to Cry”, a song that reached far and wide over the airwaves in 1967. The band has breathed new life into the regional hit that never got the play it deserved on a […]

Happy Halloween From Those Lavender Whales

It comes to no surprise that Those Lavender Whales favorite holiday is Halloween. Each and every show the band dons an evergreen beard. You might not even recognize them without. With the same whimsical point of view that Aaron Graves and crew write every song from, comes “Happy Halloween”. A song that captures the childlike […]

SceneSC’s Band of the Month [September] : Grayson Venters

We’ve hit September, the month best known for the beginning of college football. This past Thursday, USC started out their season with a big W, and our friends from the upstate, Clemson, prepare for their first game tonight. Along with the start of football season, September also brings cooler weather, the start of school, and an evident […]

New Death on Two Wheels – Hey Amariah mp3

Guys, damn. So Death on Two Wheels has released a new track on the Favorite Gentleman sampler. Well, not so much a new track, but a new recording for us. “Hey Amariah” has been heard live before, as well as in a studio session on Youtube last summer, but now it is captured in digital […]

[Jam Session] Bobby McFerrin and Ramphastos

“Thinkin’ About Your Body” — Bobby McFerrin Everybody knows Bobby McFerrin as the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” guy. I’d like to see Big Mouth Billy Bass try this one. What a lot of people don’t know is that McFerrin is basically a bonafide musical genius. Although Peter Frampton introduced the sound of a talk box, […]

Preview “Breaks” from We Roll Like Madmen’s New Album

Check out “Breaks,” the first track from We Roll Like Madmen’s new CD release, Who is Heady Crystals?. The eight-song album is set to be available later today as a disc and/or download through Nophi Recordings. “Breaks” features Chris Tollack’s subtle yet heady club beats (for best results, turn up the bass) interlaced with the […]

[New Music][Oh Ginger]

Charleston/New York City folk duo Lindsey Holler and Michael Hanf have released the second of three EP’s centered around intricate vibraphone, guitar, and harmonies. The newest EP features rolling bright vibraphone against a bed of guitars both strummed and picked from song to song. The contrast featured in the album is what makes it stand […]

TV Girl in Greenville Tomorrow w/ We Roll Like Madmen

If you don’t already know David, you’ll have a chance to meet him at The Radio Room tomorrow night, where he’ll be celebrating his birthday with TV Girl. The indie-pop outfit from San Diego is set to visit Greenville between stops in Athens, GA, and Atlanta in support of their recent mixtape release with Greedhead […]

[Free Download] Latenights Release Summer Single

  One dimensional bands are so boring. One trend I’ve noticed in local albums is that most of them use the same instruments on every song and they’re almost all the same style. They think it makes their albums cohesive when it really just makes their albums boring. Latenights did a decent job of switching […]

Free Mix from Toro Y Moi

Chaz threw together a few tracks (including a new Toro Y Moi tune, “Hood Dreams”, and a new Les Sins track, “Fetch”) for an episode of electronic tastemaker Andrew Meza’s BTS Radio podcast. Hit up the comments with your thoughts on the mix and/or Toro and/or Chaz and/or why you [should/shouldn’t] listen to curated playlists. TUNEAGE: Bullion – Family Mo […]

New Music From Forest Tourist-Winnebago Dreams

May 24 New Brookland Tavern (Columbia, SC) with The Sea Wolf Mutiny/Today The Moon/Octopus Jones May 25 Tin Roof (Charleston, SC) “Winnebago Dreams” is the first single off Forest Tourist’s upcoming EP Pop Reject set to drop in June. The new EP will be accompanied by a Southeastern tour with Atlanta band Today The Moon, […]

New (Acoustic) Stonewall Stampede

Stonewall Stampede has released the first “of many” acoustic tracks today on National Confederate Day. In case you didn’t know it’s National Confederate Day in South Carolina and the anniversary of the death Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. In honor of this day we have released the first of many acoustic songs, the first can be found […]

Debut Upstairs Acoustic Session with All Get Out

[download id=”40″] Four years ago All Get Out started their rise onto the Southeast music scene with a hearty touring schedule and a fresh Spitting EP. They caught our eye before was ever a thought, and are a large part of why we created our website in the summer of 2008. Over the years […]

EP Review: Jude Moses

Stephen and Andrew Williams are southern boys. Born and raised in Vidalia, Georgia, the brothers haven’t lived outside the south, except for a five-month stint by Stephen in northern Ireland. The stint was all he needed, along with the help of Andrew, to turn their musical backgrounds into a unique sound they have coined Jude Moses. […]