Photos: Tom Angst, Daddy’s Beemer, Wallpaper, Hot Showers

Photos by David Stringer Tom Angst/Daddy’s Beemer/Wallpaper/Hot Showers/King Goof (not pictured :() at The Space Hall Friday April 27, 2018

Photo Feature: Dietrich Gunther On Style and Influence

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Photos: Numbtongue, Grace Joyner, Apricot Blush

Numbtonuge//Grace Joyner//Apricot Blush April, 6 2018 New Brookland Tavern Numbtongue headlined a late night show at New Brookland Tavern last Friday night joined by Charleston’s Grace Joyner and Upstate band Apricot Blush. Each artist has a new song coming out on our annual South Carolina music compilation due out April 20th. Kati Baldwin captured some […]

[Photos] Gang of Youths in Nashville and Atlanta

Dietrich Gunther first came across Gang of Youths last summer while he was in Denver and quickly fell for the band. The Australian band’s popularity in the States is still catching up to their popularity at home, but that seems to be gaining in speed. Uproxx critic Steven Hyden called them the best rock band […]

Photos: Tom Angst Live at Space Hall

Some of our favorite current music photographers go beyond the live performance shot and tour with the band, giving a glimpse into the behind the scenes atmosphere at shows and on the road. This is the case with Tom Angst photographer Dietrich Gunther who photographs the band in various settings, sharing live shots of the band […]

[Photos] EZ Shakes and Boo Hag at Art Bar

Closing out 2017 and giving a glimpse of what to look for in 2018, EZ Shakes and Boo Hag both played sets featuring fresh material. For Boo Hag they performed songs off their upcoming EP Testify, while EZ Shakes played songs from their 2017 EP and their latest single “Rock N Roll”.

Photos: Spoon at Music Farm

After postponing their Music Farm Columbia show from early 2017, influential Austin, TX indie rockers Spoon arrived with their new album Hot Thoughts in tow. Photos by Kati Baldwin

Hoechella Night Two Photos

Hoechella returned to New Brookland Tavern for two nights of music, dancing, and plenty of photos and glitter. The event, which started last year, was started to raise awareness and combat slut shaming, rape culture, and unjust legislation that affects people’s bodily autonomy. The wildly popular event has done just that, spreading the word this […]

OG ET Anderson Lineup Offers Farewell Show at Drip

The original ET Anderson lineup got back together for one last show at Drip Coffee in 5 Points earlier this week, the last show for guitarist Alex McCollum, bass player John Fowler, and come and go keyboard player Bobby Hatfield. The show filled the backroom at Drip on a steamy July evening. The room usually […]