Welcome to Scene SC’s Next Big Thing contest.

Listen to these bands from around the Southeast and vote for your favorite. Fans are able to vote once a day, so come back early and often.  Winners will receive prizes including free T-Shirts from Image Ink, Promo Shots from Pat Wright Photography, Promotion packages and a spot on the next Scene SC Showcase.

REMEMBER, top 5 advance and then the Scene SC staff chooses the winner.

Band- Archer vs. Gunman


Bio-Archer vs. Gunman is the newest and most acclaimed band to break out of the Upstate Music Scene. Since forming in November of last year, the power-trio of Shaun Williams (vocals/guitar), Rob Sweet (bass/vocals), and Andrew Parker (percussion/vocals) are quickly becoming one of the best live bands in the Southeast with a sound that is bringing them comparisons to Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady, Bruce Springsteen, Silkworm, and even Iron and Wine and Patty Smith. In the short time the band has been together they’ve been invited to play Greenville’s DOWNTOWN ALIVE, Spartanburg’s JAM IN THE PARK, and The Music Camp’s GREEN EARTH PARTY, been interviewed on Clemson’s WSBF and the Upstate’s WTPT, been featured in Charlotte’s SHUFFLE MAGAZINE, Columbia’s EXAMINER, Asheville’s MOUNTAIN XPRESS, and the Upstate’s LINK, METROMIX, INDUSTRY/MEGA-SCENE, SPARTANBURG HERALD JOURNAL, and SPARTANBURG SPARK

Band-Tyler Boone

Stuck Between

Bio-Tyler Boone is a singer/songwriter from Charleston, SC and is really starting to make a name for himself. After just releasing his first two records, “Connections,” his acoustic album and “Stuck Between,” his full band album, Tyler is really starting to get the ball rolling on his music career . While studying both music and mass communications at USC in Columbia, Tyler still keeps his music as one of his first priorities and is still focused on making music a catalyst of his future and career.

While also playing with many of the local acts in South Carolina, such as Meet the Sky, David Reed, Nick Bays, Haley Dries, etc… or big nationwide acts such as The Reign of Kindo, Tyler is really pushing himself to be one of the top singer/songwriters in the south carolina music scene.

Both cd’s were released on Tyler’s bandcamp, “tylerboone.bandcamp.com,”and soon to be on itunes in the near future. Be on the lookout for that and make sure to make either a full band show or some acoustic shows around the columbia and charleston area.

Band- Paul Brazell

Running Changes

Bio-Paul Brazell is an honest musician, taking influences for songwriting from his life experiences, and every song has a specific meaning to him. Paul is accompanied live by Chris Duane on drums and Dom Turnipseed on bass guitar, and the occasional others including Emily McCollum. Paul is in the process of recording his debut full band cd which will be released in the fall, and is working on a tour this fall with CherryCase.

Band-A Brighter Life

Better Friends

Bio-A Brighter Life is a brand new band from Columbia, SC. Formed from members of previous bands such as: The Decade, Hey Apollo! and Corporate Casual, A Brighter Life is the new face of pop-punk in Columbia. Members include: Jordan Kirk – Vocals, Byron Dooley – Guitar, Alex Koss – Guitar, Chris Cousins – Bass and Chris Seiferlein – Drums

Band- The Chase

Grown Cold

Bio-Formed out of the roots of big Rock shows like, Pearl Jam and The Black Crowes, and home grown influences such as, Hootie and the Blowfish and Jump Little Children, The Chase brings a unique presence to the stage. Formally known as Roadside Theory, these guys show a more mature and polished style when the lights go down and the volume goes up. Throughout their couple of years as a band they have played with big acts including: Ryan Cabrera, Hawthorne Heights, Atlantic Recording Artists, NEEDTOBREATHE; OMG Recording Artists, Chasen; Upstate Sensation, Christopher Branch; and many more. Not only did these guys preform with big name acts, they also played at many pronounced establishments, including Greenville’s Legendary Handlebar three times. The word got out fast about these guys with much help from MANY articles in both the Seneca Journal and The Anderson Independent, not the mention their interview on the mainstream radio B93.7. Look for these guys at a show near you… because they are definitely coming.



Bio-We’re a band from Columbia, SC that started out as a small acoustic side project but has grown into something much more.  We’ve only been a full band for about a year now but we’re excited to say the 2nd EP, this time acoustic, will be out very shortly after our brief tour through North Carolina and Tennesee.  We’re VERY excited about what we are and the music we play!


In Your Bones

Bio-Summer camp is good for a few things like not having to work, starting and ending a summer romance, and/or finding 3 guys to start a band with. In the summer of 2008 all of those things happened. Matthew had been using the Commerce name to record songs for a couple of years with an unstable lineup of 12 different members, but everything changed after that eventful summer at camp. These four new friends started playing music together and recorded their ep, What Happens Now, for a California girl that Matthew had never met.

After gaining some national attention For What Happens Now from the likes of Alternative Press, Blurt, and Absolutepunk, Commerce went back into the studio and their homes to record their first full-length record together as a band. More determined than ever before, they worked through over 40 plus songs. The end result is what will be a two-sided, 14 track album, titled The Things I Say vs. The Things I Mean, set for release in early fall 2010. Filled with dynamics, counter melodies, and layers of lush instrumentation, Commerce continues to creates sounds that will get past the regret, get over the distance, and get everyone on with their lives.

Band-Dance Commander


Bio-The band was formed in the summer of ’10. The guys started writing music together, and the rest was history. The guys settled on the name “DANCE COMMANDER” because of our fun energetic movement of creating original pop-music that you can enjoy in your car and on the dance floor!

The guys recorded their first demo with local producer Drew Leclair, Members of Dance Commander have also played along side of top artists such as Anberlin, Cartel, Between the Trees, There For Tomorrow, Saosin, Versa Emerge, Rookie of the Year, The Bigger Lights, and Sick Puppies.

Dance Commander is climbing to the top of the Columbia music scene in 2010 with their pop-rock meets dance-pop approach. The guys are currently working on their first EP and is expected to debut late 2010. With standout tracks like “The Dance Floor” and “Before The Summer Ends”, don’t be surprised if you find Dance Commander at the top of the charts very soon.


DayClean Demo

Bio- DayClean combines elements of soul, folk, and hip-hop to create a unique and thoughtful sound. The music of DayClean explores the themes of struggle, spirituality, and acceptance. DayClean is the Gullah word for morning, “…that brief instant of time when the night clouds are being cleared away and the first rays of light are streaking across the sky. Dayclean, we call this, when the day is new and the world is made fresh again.” (Christena Bledsoe). Marcus Thomas plays guitar and provides vocals, Idris Chandler plays cello and backing vocals. Their self titled, debut album is available on iTunes and other online retailers.

Band-Death of Paris

Connect the Dots

Bio-Conceived in July 2009 after This Machine is Me dissolved, principal members Jayna Doyle and Blake Arambula began writing for a new project, with an aim for a more mature and genuine sound. After months of writing, they booked time at Killingsworth Recording Company in Los Angeles, CA with David Baker at the production helm. 10 songs and countless studio hours later, they are set to release the album in October 2010, and are preparing for their full band hometown premiere August 20th at New Brookland Tavern.

Band-The Dirty White

Dabney Coleman Part 5

Bio-Florence, SC is the kind of deep-south town that’s better known for high school football and deer hunting than for rock bands. For The Dirty White, the isolation of their hometown and independence from a bigger scene has only served as inspiration for their unique sound. And while their abrasive edge sets them apart from other regional acts, they aren’t content to simply agitate the neighbors with loud guitars and attitude — the band takes a refreshingly refined approach to songwriting.

Vocalist/bassist Bill Grant’s bass riffs bring to mind D.C. post-punk with an underlying dance rhythm. Guitarist Josh McDowell fleshes things out with Sonic Youth-inspired alternate tunings, weird chords, and noise freakouts. Drummer Matthew Tarlton drives the sound with frantic, pummeling beats. Vocals are intense, coming in short bursts, but melodic. In fact, many of the band’s songs are built around a vocal melody, inspiration likely carried over from Bill and Josh’s former power-pop band Velvateen.

The band’s new album Vs. Evil Circles is eight songs of intelligent, aggressive rock ‘n’ roll. “Mighty Prehistoric” leads off the album with snarling guitar feedback before tearing into the opening riffs. In the song’s bridge, Bill sings “You say that you’re native to the human game / We’ll build traps, draw maps, & hunt the barren plain.” Such themes appear throughout the album, like in “There Were Helicopters” with its imagery of thundering herds and helicopters overhead. In “We Don’t Hunt,” Josh sings “Maybe baby, you have the disease / Old knees scraping out your pistol grease.” The album is as inspired by the volatile relationship of man with nature as it is a reaction to it.

Vs. Evil Circles was recorded at 6 + 1 Studios in Florence, SC with sound engineer Kevin Smith and was released on January 7, 2010. Digital downloads are available for purchase from iTunes, eMusic, andBandCamp. CDs are available from Viper Bite Records.

Band-Forces of a Street

Green Path

Bio-Forces of a Street began as a Solo project of New Jersey/Philadelphia guitarist Justin Schmidt.  Justin played with several groups in Philadelphia before relocating to South Carolina and finding the talents of Nick Fogle (Bass/Synth), Dade Driggers (Guitar) and Clay Fulmer (Drums).  Based in Columbia, Forces of a Street is preparing show dates and new recordings to disseminate to the public.


The Sea King

Bio-Pan is an upbeat LOUD indie rock band. They would be mostly instrumental, but they throw in a little bit of vocals every now and then to mix it up a little. The use of three guitarists allows for some very exciting and technical parts. Their drummer is still in high school, but don’t let his age fool you, he’s pretty solid. Pan has played many shows in columbia as well as greenville and greenwood. They played festivals, house shows, and regular venues. The good thing is they play any show given to them and they always bring in a good crowd. Give them a listen because they claim their music is uplifting and sure to make you happy, or even dance.

Band-Polar War

Why Keiko Smiled

Bio-Polar War is an alternative rock band from Rock Hill, SC that combines a love for loud, in your face music with singable melodies to create unique and memorable songs. We’re a 4-piece band that consists of Will Thompson (vocals/organ), Nog (bass/vocals), Andy Shaffer (guitar), and Dave Rich (drums). We just finished recording a 10 song CD at Nada Recording in New York, and we’re playing a CD release show at the Money in Rock Hill on August 26.

Band-Postcard Fiction

In a Perfect World

Bio-Postcard Fiction is a four piece rock/pop rock band based out of Columbia, SC.  The project originated with singer/songwriter Jeremy Sakovich and the band played their first show in November of 2009.  With influences including Tom Petty, Radiohead, Muse, Deathcab For Cutie, U2 and a lot of 90’s Alternative Rock, the band has since been referenced to the likes of Tonic, Foo Fighters, MuteMath and Jacob Dylan.  They released their first EP “The Dreamers” in March 2010.



Bio-After just three months of songwriting, tattermask hit the Charlotte music scene in February 2008. Impressing the likes of Mike Genett of Zen Wang Bingo Records, tattermask enlisted Mike’s help in recording their debut EP, “Looks Can Be Deceiving,” released on Halloween 2008. The album was well-received by fans and the media, getting airplay on Charlotte’s 106.5 The End and Greenville’s 93.3 The Planet, as well as several college and online radio stations. The group’s diverse influences range from Metallica to Phil Collins to Mozart and everything in between. Tattermask has delighted crowds in many venues across the Carolinas. The band’s plans for the immediate future include recording a full-length, major-label-quality album in August 2010 and touring the southeastern U.S.

tat * ter * mask. n. the face we put forward to the world when we are crying inside, so that the aspersions cast by others on the outside will be deflected and won’t wound the vulnerable soul within. Only a select few will see the true person behind the battle-wounded, tattered masks we wear.

Band-Ten Toes Up

Carilina Mess

Bio-In 2009 the local entertainment magazine, The Surge, voted Ten Toes Up the best original band in Myrtle Beach.** 

Early in 2010 we’re excited to be recording our third record with SC legend Danielle Howle producing. We also just signed a merchandising deal with a local chain of stores to carry our new line of “Carolina Mess” goods based on one of our songs.

2009 saw Ten Toes Up sharing stages with a diverse array of national performers including JJ Grey & Mofro, the North Mississippi Allstars, Randall Bramblett, Webb Wilder, the BoDeans, Cowboy Mouth, John Anderson, and Twista. TTU has added clubs and festivals in Charlotte, Raleigh, Burlington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Greenville, and Blowing Rock, North Carolina, as well as Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, Athens, GA, and more.  Additionally, we were featured in the local favorite “Grand Strand Magazine.”  Our albums have received air time in many different markets including some as far away as Hawaii.

Our originals try to tell a story while still keeping people jumping. Our music is influenced by our heroes; The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, The Raconteurs, Jimi Hendrix, John Scofield, Phish, Ben Harper, and many more. It’s a privilege to do this kind of work and the response we’ve received from our first two albums is incredible.

Our current line up has been together for four years now.  Our goal is to play music that we enjoy.  Entertaining audiences is an unbelievable feeling, but if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, no one else will either.  We started from scratch with extremely diverse backgrounds. From jazz, jam, Latin, and Pentecostal influences emerged a sound that has been described as a little southern rock, a little jam band, and a lot of heart and soul. Ten Toes Up plays a huge array of styles that both keeps the audience jumping and highlights the bands musical ability. People who come back to our shows again and again say they can tell we are having a good time. We have been described as a travelling circus and rock-show, and we try to live up to that description at every party, event, or venue that we are invited to play!

Band-These Dying Days

The Sleep Reason

Bio-Change is a word often feared by bands on the brink of success, but South Carolina quartet These Dying Days have spent the past year embracing the concepts of alteration and progression. Parting ways with a vocalist and founding member shortly after the release of their debut full length, These Dying Days took time off to further their craft and have emerged from what some would consider “a disasterous scenario” with an enhanced vision and an unrelenting work ethic. Born out of the ashes of former hard-rock powerhouse If All Else Fails, These Dying Days fuses traditional metal and hardcore influences with experimental tinges and a progressive songwriting style. Their debut album, Night of Long Knives, was a diverse effort showcasing every color of their talent and delving into multiple styles of songwriting and musicianship. The groups forthecoming effort, tentatively titled The Nuclear Family, finds the band hitting their stride with a more focused sound that is both heavier and darker than any material they’ve previously released. New vocalist Dan Miller fits into the mold perfectly and sports a fierce growl to compliment the increased intensity provided for their latest release. Be on the lookout for The Nuclear Family, coming this winter.


Canyon Sun

Bio-It all started in October of 2005 when young 15 year old Keon Masters was chasing the heart of an older, more sophisticated woman and suddenly an obstacle, we’ll label as Ryan Patrick Zimmerman, temporarily changed the plans. The two duked it out and needless to say Masters won her heart. However, it started an inseparable relationship between Masters and Zimmerman. A year later or so Zimmerman tried out for a band known as Heartwood, which is how he came to meet a certain Christian Chidester. Chidester was a 19 year old guitar player from the west side of Charlotte, who grew up playing music every Sunday at his grandfathers church. After his acceptance into the group, the two young men discovered that they steamed from the same gene pool, they were in fact second cousins. This started a “best” friendship and the two became roommates sharing a basement in an attempt to further harness their skills as musicians together. Heartwood soon dissolved and turned into a project known as Jetadore in 2008. Jetadore was offered a tour slot with Sequoyah Prep School for the summer of 2008, but the group was in dire straits for a bass player. So Zimmerman dug deep into his musical past and recalled that Masters was capable of fulfilling the empty position. It was that summer when Masters, Zimmerman, and Chidester created a special bond between the three of them, and knew that something good must develop out of their friendship. When Masters left Jetadore to pursue a college education at the College of Charleston the band made a run for a few more months before disbanding. During the spring of 2009 a lot of talking was taking place between the three young gentlemen about forming a new band, however they were seeking a singer to turn their ideas into actuality. Masters eventually expressed his desire to front the band if his two companions would allow it. So at the start of the 2009 summer the three started to jam with Zimmerman playing drums, Chidester playing lead guitar, and Masters playing rhythm and singing. To much of their dismay, the combination worked quite well and the three have been writing, recording, and playing shows ever since.

We all grew up around Charlotte, NC or Fort Mill, SC and Lake Wylie is just south of those towns and was often a daytime destination during our summers. When we first started playing together Ryan’s mom was actually living in the town of Lake Wylie so we had been spending a lot of time there, and when we were trying to come up with a name we were having the most difficult time. When one of us suggested Wylie the rest of us were a bit skeptical, but once we discovered that wylie, by definition, means clever and crafty we thought it would suit us well. We take pride in our wit and thoughtfulness, so why not have a name that expresses it as well as our origins.

Voting for SceneSC’s Next Big Thing is now closed! Thanks to everyone who voted. Results coming soon!


    1. why are you such a d*ck? these people spend their time and energy trying to create something and share with who ever is willing to listen and understand it. you are just another ignorant leech trying to lower other people’s self esteem to make you feel better about your own. if you don’t care for these bands or contest then move your mouse to the top-right of the screen and click the red “X” …we wouldn’t want to waist anymore of your precious time

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    2. I will put money on the fact you have never heard a majority of them or have seen them live you little punk. The admin needs to ban idiots like this, who like to come in and create controversy, since they have absolutely nothing else to do with their time except criticize, generalize and judge without even having the slightest bit of knowlegde on any of the bands. Do us a favor and fall off a cliff if you get a chance.

  1. My favorite it “Tattaermask”.
    Most laughable band pic I’ve ever seen.
    Let’s omit “talentless” from the article next times?

  2. OK, Here is the deal with commenting now. For website, put a link to your facebook. If you don’t have a facebook, then get a facebook. Otherwise, I’m not approving you.

  3. we all know the only bands that have a realistic chance of making it big are

    polar war
    a brighter life

    1. Morgan, You’re 73 years old and you like those bands. I guess you are also a big Bryan Adams fan, seeing you were in Prince of Thieves and all.

      1. Don’t question me.

        I play God in one movie and Nelson Mandela in another.

        Nuff said.

    2. @Morgan Freeman:

      look up Upsidedown Morgan Freeman on UrbanDictionary.com and have a good day.

  4. You shouldn’t wear a belt AND suspenders. Come on fellas. This is coming from a guy who wore Rec-Specs way too long.

    Dave, if anybody wears neon they should be disqualified.

      1. Yeah, but it still looks silly. I mean I can wear bicycle shorts and a cumberbund, but I’ll still look like a retard and that I’m trying too hard. Promo pics are a double edged sword. It’s kind of like my Topps 1988 basketball card. I wore my warm-up suit in it, and people automatically assumed I was a bench warmer who didn’t have game. But that year I averaged 11.1 points per game. But you can bet your sweet ass that in my 1989 card, I was in my uniform.

    1. wow, didn’t even notice – good point! DayClean IS diversity! Have you heard the album?!

          1. I voted for polar war cause I think their music is awesome but a lot of the bands are
            Great good luck to all

  5. I’m throwing in a wild card. My vote goes to Wipeout. Hands down the best reality show on TV. Love how I’m livin’ & my nose is large!

  6. “Dave, if anybody wears neon they should be disqualified.”


    where’s The Decade on this list? they’re definitely the next big thang

  7. the decade broke up. their old guitarist is now in a brighter life. whom is in this contest.

    1. Bands had a month to apply to be in this. So if you don’t see a band on here it’s because they didn’t bother to sign up.
      Ya snooze ya lose.

  8. @Bakari Lebby

    What makes you think that you have ANY leg to stand on to have ANY type of valid opinion when it comes to music or the criticism of it, which is all you’ve done with your meaningless, tiresome comments you’ve left on this page? Do you play? Do you sing? Do you have any experience in the music industry besides going to a few shows at the No-Good NBT? People like you make me sick, almost as much as Obama supporters do(Which I’m sure you are one)

    “All these bands blow” <--- How professional does that sound? You're a biased writer that has no real evidence to base his bias of off. I sent you a friend request on Facebook, by the way. If you'd like to discuss this more, maybe come to some sort of understanding, or 'de-cockment' if you will, please, oh please, accept.

    1. Ryan, Bakari and I came up for the idea of this contest. He was being completely sarcastic. He is an extremely talented musician, and one of the smartest all around guys I know.

      You just showed your ass dude.

      If I were Bakari, I would not accept the Facebook friendship of this pretentious dude.

      And just for the record, Bakari is one of the biggest supporters of local music out there. Visible through his work with us, his record label, his multiple music projects, his work on WUSC and networking with musicians.

    2. Clearly you have no idea who Bakari is or what he contributes to Scene SC, he is an essential part of our team.

      It was a joke. Everyone needs to lighten up and love each other.

      That being said, just go listen to Tyler Morris sing about how sexy you are.

    3. Stay positive, don’t hate on New Brookland and don’t hate on Bakari and everyone will get along.

  9. I dont care what you say about “Bakari” he made a dick comment and if anyone was to read that before listening to these bands they might dismiss them. So just shutup next time.

  10. Forces of a Street are really talented guys…Their music rocks- it really got me through some dark times.

  11. These guys rock they are the next big thing all you have to do is here them once to know that!!!! If you here them and don’t vote for them then there is something wrong with you!!!! MAMAKAT

    1. These guys rock(.) (T)hey are the next big thing(.) (A)ll you have to do is (hear) them once to know that (they are the next big thing)!!!! If you (hear) them and don’t vote for them(,) there is something wrong with you!!!!

      What is a MAMAKAT?

      1. MY name is MAMAKAT. Thanks for the grammar check. I am a big fan of Dance Commander.One of the guys in the band gave me the name,so just to let you know im proud of it but thanks for all your help!!!!

  12. you don’t have to win this contest in order to actually be SC’s Next Big Thing.. just sayin..

  13. SceneSC folks:

    Let’s get the winner on WXRY Unsigned. Maybe David will remember to show up this time too…


    P.S. BW rules for the Humpty quote!

  14. scene sc. You guys are awesome. Glad there is someone out there trying to help local bands. thanks

  15. The Chase is the only “grown up” sounding band on here haha. I thought they were already signed tho? …they have a way better myspace and music, vote for em, I did 😛 <3

    1. Umm the shaffers are the nicest family ever “beeteedub” so you can go ahead and shove that comment up your ass anon, if it will fit with your head in there

  16. Vote for Scene SC, crap, I mean vote for music. I’m from Commerce, so I’m sorta partial you know, but I must say I do like the sounds of Pan, Polar War, The Dirty White, and Wylie. Those would be my favs.

    1. Scene SC loves Commerce. Your band does everything the right way and will be really successful. Keep up the good work and thanks for the postcard.

  17. I must say even though i’m in pan, there are a lot of great bands up there. So vote for who you think sonds the best, and if that happens to be us(pan) then do it!

  18. Wow, this contest has gotten controversial. Here’s one:

    The Next Big Thing contest is more popular than Jesus.

      1. I think people should just vote on best promo pic, because let’s face it, the eye candy is superior to the sounds. I think if some kid’s mom took their picture, then they should win. Forget the bands who went to Glamour Shots to get really professional looking pictures done, that’s bullshit. Or if any of these bands print up laminates for a weekend tour, that’s got to count for something too. I think that’s pretty sound logic.

        1. I believe you are talking about Pan. Not by a mom but our high school drummers girlfriend. ha.

          1. Almost all of these bands are great. Choose who are and aren’t and vote the best(pan)!

  19. there should be a scenesc battle of the bands that actually judges bands’ performances and ability in order to name a “next big thing”… not an online voting contest.. no my band is not in the lead, yes i could outplay the ones that are.

    1. I’m down with having the top 5 bands play a show and then we have judges.


      1. That sounds legit. and i agree with somebody to love. Its not about how good you sound recorded, its about how good you are live.

      2. I disagree. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but I think it should be for something else. This competition is about who would have the most fans/records sold. I think that whichever one wins the online votes should get the record deal because, clearly, the majority of people want that band to win. It’s not necessarily about who is best, although, in a perfect world that would be who wins, but it is about the fans who want a certain band, not necessarily the band itself.

    2. I would take that challenge all day!!! Your going to pass judgement on one song that you can out play anyone on here?? Ok dude, if your so damn good where are all your fans that worship the ground you walk on? Wait I guess none of them own a computer or library card?? I hate what this has brought out in people. If you are a real musician and in the SC scene, you know we are all in this together. It’s not about who’s better, it’s about making new original music.. And if you think winning this contest is going to make you SC’s next big thing then you might better ask for more shifts at the restaurant where you work because you are delusional…

      1. calm down, i’m not downing the SC scene in any way. I’m just suggesting a battle of the bands to see what people can offer live. talk about bringing the music scene together… and it’s not about who’s better, you’re right – when it comes down to it in any town, it should be about the music and bringing people together with it. but if your band signed up for this then you obviously are out to prove yourself better than someone else and win, right? it’s an online contest – a live battle of the bands show would actually bring the bands together and who knows what great shows could spin from that..

        1. This entire competition is confusing to me, because I think this, plus the prospect of a live battle of the bands goes against what SceneSC was formed to do.

          Music blogs like SceneSC are out to support the music scene and bring bands together, and while everyone can look the other way and say this competition is meant to do just that, it’s really the opposite.

          Competitions between bands never bring bands together, they just end up making more of a severance between them. Feelings are hurt, bands are accused of cheating, and deserving bands get snubbed. That’s the point of competition. But really, is any band in this competition telling people to vote for another band? Probably not. Sure, all of the songs from different bands are posted on the same page, but in reality how many people are going to sift through each song and decide wholeheartedly without some kind of bias? The sudden influx of hits on the site is coming from the bands promoting the page, telling people to vote for their band and their’s alone.

          All i’m saying is that the real winner here is not any of the bands, but SceneSC for essentially letting the bands do the grunt work of promoting the blog for free. The lack of solidarity between bands in this town is already at a low, and this competition is just another hair breaking the camel’s back.

  20. I gotta agree. I was at Paul’s show this past sunday, and it was amazing. Much better than the recordings. My vote goes to Paul as well


    1. Working on sending an email to all bands to see if they would be down. I think it would be a great idea.

      1. I’m assuming you’d need a celeb judge. Do any of these bands sound like they could be on the next ESPN Jock Jams?

  22. POLAR WAR’s new stuff is sick, im not the biggest fan of the one they have on this site, but the one revebnation is sick

  23. LETS DO THE SHOW! Gives more of an oppurtunity for the bands and there’s nothing better then a “live” show. TYLER BOONE IS DOWN 😛

    1. Out of all of these bands you took the time to single out one with an insult? You’re an idiot

  24. how do you determine when you’ve become a “big thing” with SceneSC? cause you have some bands in this competition that have had recognition with SceneSC already (ex. Wylie was featured on the SceneSC 20Ten sampler cd) and you have some bands that have had no recognition with scenesc at all. i guess my question is arent some of these bands recognized by scene sc already?

      1. but wouldnt they already be considered a big thing for scenesc? why are they in the competition?

  25. every battle of the bands I’ve ever been a part of has been a really good time. bands who get competitive or their feelings hurt in these type of competitions should quit now, because they’re doing this for the wrong reason.

  26. I try to vote daily but often am blocked!!! Even when it is the next day. What is going on???

    1. Kathryn, Thanks for voting. The vote is reset 24 hours after your last vote. So it just depends on what time of day you voted when you can vote again.

  27. Why isnt polar war offering candy…. i think that my be what changes those swing voters

  28. I had a party last weekend and we listened and Dance Commander had the one song that EVERYONE enjoyed and said they would buy that CD!!! They got my vote!!!!!

  29. Commerce is clearly the most complete band on this list, and it is shameful they are not in first place! Whoever Commerce is, they definitely deserve the most votes…so check your musical heads, and start voting for Commerce!

  30. I have to admit, Dance Commander has the best sample song on here. A lot of good ones are here, like Polar War and Pan, but Dance Commander has a controlling beat and a sound that lives up to its name. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you at the national level.

  31. I cant believe I wasted 99c on that jerk who should I vote for now & tell my friends to vote for whos gonna ROCK like ROCKCANDY yummmieee

    1. We’re working on it. If we can fit it into all of the bands schedules, it will happen.

  32. Polar war has been in the thick of this competition the whole time they have the best track on this site and i am def driving from myrtle beach to see their show in rock hill on the 26th

  33. Dance Commander all the way! Best track, best style, and most fun! Hope they win this whole thing! If you haven’t already, listen to them… and then VOTE FOR DANEC COMMANDER!

    1. Or DANCE* COMMANDER rather… I mean, c’mon… when you’re excited sometimes a keystroke slips…

  34. I didn’t think I’d find a band that I liked, but Dance Commander changed that. Do you guys play outside the state?

  35. dance commander is amazing!!! the lead singer is my drama teacher at school!!! he’s so cool

  36. whoo hoo im the 700th voter for Dance Commander! Lets go guys! keep up the pace! and everyone remember to vote for DC!

  37. PAN is sick, sounds like a young built to spill w/ a little shoegaze pop thrown in. I want to play a show w/ them.

  38. We just posted two new songs up on reverbnation.com/polarwar, check em out! And a big thanks to all who’s been voting for us!

  39. In the past 25 hours, Dance Commander has increased its lead over Ten Toes Up by 2 votes to 1. Dance Commander has narrowed Polar Wars lead in first place by 11 votes to 1. Dance Commander is coming on strong because Dance Commander has the most loyal fans.

    1. hell yeah they have the most loyal fans! i’ve been a loyal fan of at least one of the members for 5 years

  40. I love the Dance Commander… they just rock my socks and make me want to go to every show they have… I would vote like 100 times but I can’t… I only have one computer. But lets vote for DC!!

    thanks love.. and if they win i might just do something that would make everyone happy.

  41. If this contest were to continue, Dance Commander would OBVIOUSLY out do Polar War. They have gone up about 9 places in the last week.

    VOTE DC!

      1. 13 YEAR OLD CHICKS LOVE OUR MUSIC!!! dont hate… but you can still be jealous 🙂

        1. Haha i think its funny how DC GUITARIST is suddenly in the band. Before they said how awesome Dance Commander was as if he wasn’t a member. BIG EGO.

  42. maybe I’m being a dick, but Wylie is the only band on here that doesn’t sound like some been there, done that, power pop, 2004 rock buullll shit!


  43. dance commanders lyrics have no depth and their music is half electronics. they remind me of metro station (who thankfully is no more) I don’t get the hype.

    1. Since you have decided to insult us, I will say that our music has Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synth, and Piano like every other American Band. We use electronics sparingly. We aren’t the kind of band who writes poetry. We write catchy dance tunes that stick in your head so you don’t forget them. And for the record, we don’t sound anything like Metro (sexual) Station, and we CERTAINLY don’t strive to either.

          1. So on the metro station thing… that was listed because not many people would recognize the other groups we sound like if they were listed. Most people on this website would actually know other groups… but for the general public I decided to put metro. Sorry for the grief. Go Cyrus for being a ladies man tho 🙂 haha

      1. Are you named for the Disney Channel video game featuring triple threat, Corbin Bleu? I will probably vote for you because Cobra Starship and Breathe Carolina are in my opinion the most innovative bands ever.

    2. dude… the song is called “THE DANCE FLOOR” ….it’s about taking control of a dance floor. it’s not intend to inspire you to paint the mona lisa or to stop believing in GOD. the lyrics are relevant and have meaning… just not the meaning your looking for. dont be bitter “joe mom”

  44. Dance Commander fans/friends are very stuck up and have absolutely no respect towards other bands on here that are trying to make it too. It’s getting really old, glad this voting period is just about over…

  45. There is much respect given to others when appreciation is given. Dont cutthroat a bands fan base just cause they are bigger and have more loyalty. Music is Music

  46. Wow, some of these fans are hateful. I listened to all these and most are good. I was surprised at Polar War being first, because some bands are better sounding to me personally. I just wish that life wasn’t a giant contest. DC is okay. Wylie and Death of Paris I will say I greatly liked. I never heard or met any of these folks personally. Lighten up people. If you’re favorite band doesn’t win, go see their shows anyway. They won’t stop because they lose. The world will not explode.

  47. People are too funny, if you are really into this contest do some research on bands that you like.. Youtube, live shows, i-tunes… For instance I don’t care for polar wars music (just my opinion) but the drummer is a mad man with sick chops.. Don’t hate on people because you think you know it all about music, all you have is an oppinion and we all know how that saying goes.. For the record Im in TTU and would love to do a show with four other bands from the contest not to prove to anyone we are better more like to collaborate with othe SC musicians… In case some of you didn’t realize South Carolina is being put on the map again with three bands just signed to major record labels Villanova, Danger muffin, and Crowfield… So instead of griping about how much better you are than them be happy that the big boys are even looking into the SC SCENE! I know I am…

  48. To me scene sc is suppose to be there to bring bands together. Part of creating a “scene in south carolina aka scene sc” is for bands to help each other out, get each other on shows and get to know one another. I am in Polar War and honestly do not care if we win. We did this strictly to get our name out and to meet other bands in hope of trying to help someone out and vice versa. Thanks to dave and the guys for putting this all together, we will see you at the “battle of bands,” if you are a band and want to hook up a show just contact us and lets do it. unify south carolina

    p.s. all this smack talk is getting a little old guys, we know you have your favorite band, you don’t need to convince us other wise

    1. For the most part I think the overall point of this “contest” has worked. Other than a small handful of people being negative the response from everyone I’ve talked to has been really positive.

      1. I think the biggest positive I have taken from all of this is that Dance Commander’s singer looks like a blonde Kenny G.

          1. Who’s hating? I met Kenny G when I was in the 2nd grade and he was a badass.

          2. Can’t reply to yours Kurt. But that’s cool… I met David Copperfield in 2nd grade. Is that worth anything?

    2. This is just a popularity contest haha. I really like your guys music and a lot of the other bands on here. We should play shows together!

  49. Thanks willt! you are so right. Dance Commander is happy to be a part of this contest and is here to promote ourselves and unify sc bands. people like “John” are ignorant and are upset that another band is getting more comments than his own. “John” needs to understand that we would like everyone to make a fair judgment before voting but lets face it… most people who come to this site already know who they are voting for. no hard feelings “john”


  50. Hey this is Kevin from Dance Commander. We joined this to spread our music. Sorry if it’s making anyone angry. I’m not telling people to say what they are saying!.. you know? Please just have fun with our music if you choose. That’s all we’re doing.

    By the way, Polar War – we were supposed to play with you gus at The Money last month but you had to cancel for some reason. That’s too bad because I would have really liked to have met you guys before this contest started. Hopefully we’ll get up together on the scenesc show.

    1. I only submitted to this, just to finally be apart of “SceneSC” and to hopefully meet new bands/musicians and more people in the scene, and it obviously worked! So I just wanted to say, thanks so much David, Bakari and the rest of “Scenesc!” Congrats to Polar War and to all the other bands! Felt pretty cool to be apart of this, thanks guys! Gig coming up Sept 11th- the Oasis, Sept 18th the waterhshed and sept 19th on wxry unsigned!

      1. I didn’t think you entered because you could sing or anything. What did you tell me? Oh yea, it wasn’t a talent contest it was a popularity contest right? Guess you weren’t that popular or maybe it was a talent contest and well, you lack it… Hopefully the Olive Garden will work out for you, the world needs busbuys too.

        1. dood…you keep following me around? This is really getting weird man. Please stop this charade and stop stalking me all over the net. PLEASE.

  51. Haha I love to see bands bashing on other bands because they think they make better music, and aren’t getting the “cred” they “deserve”. Not to mention these are the guys that are “arguing” over the internet because they aren’t getting enough votes.

    Obviously you guys are doing something wrong…it doesn’t necessarily mean your music sucks, but then again I haven’t listened to any of the bands, or voted, so therefore stop reading because my opinion doesn’t matter.

    When has SC, let alone Columbia, ever had a music scene (Just because a couple bands a year in SC get signed to independent record labels does not mean the “scene” is “coming back”. People go to shows to see their friends play… The ones that go JUST to listen to live ORIGINAL music are part of a very small minority.

    Word of advice to the haters…stop hating…
    make some friends.
    ~Andy Hipp (Remix)

  52. Top 5

    Dance Commander
    Polar War
    Ten Toes Up

    As of Midnight. SceneSC, Who are ya’ll gonna pick?

  53. Oh yeah, everyone should click my name to see some bitch boy get his nose broken. Then me feel bad for him…I haven’t listened to all the bands yet…but from what I can tell…


  55. I just wanna thank everyone for taking this much time/emotion to care about local music.
    It means a lot to everyone in and related to the scene.
    I hope to meet all the contestants and some of the voters in the near future.

  56. archer vs. gunman would like to thank the guys at scene sc that put this thing together, everyone that voted regardless of who they voted for, and the bands that participated. thanks, everybody!

  57. Frankly, I’m surprised Death of Paris and Postcard Fiction didn’t make the top 5. They both sound amazing.

  58. I think it’s fair that Commerce is from Tennessee. I’ve heard they even vacation in Myrtle and Hilton Head. Anyways, they sound pretty good, like someone we’d want to claim as native to our land.

  59. I’m surprised too that Death of Paris didn’t get more votes. They’re definitely one of the more talented local bands I’ve heard. We would love to play with you guys!

  60. Pingback: We Are A Band Like Pluto Is A Planet | The Musical Misadventures of Benjamin D. Walker
  61. Tanglespeak is touring the college scene in the south but will be back on September 14th! These guys have played together for over 15 years and as a solid band over three. This the local DSO for sure, so if you want the best damn Grateful Dead band to rock your soul, make sure you find Tanglespeak when they return to the beach! These guys packed it out on 4th of July at the Hot Fish Club and had the crowd blown away by their smoking style and long improv jams! Check out Ustream @ grand strand blues jam/Tanglespeak live in Florence! Unreal how these true touring heads came back from California to bless us with the truest sounds of the dead since Jerry! Booking call 843-997-1414,will bring the crowd for sure! Sean Connars

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