Keon Masters Teams with Persona La Ave for “Limbo” Video

There’s that running joke on Twitter when the passage of time seems out of sync. When bad things start to happen time can seem cruel, moving both fast and slow depending on your perspective. On January 27, 2020 the front page of USA Today read “Kobe Bryant, daughter killed in crash” and off to the […]

Show Review: Brave Baby Returns Home to Charleston

After embarking on a Fall tour earlier this September, accompanying The Weeks, Brave Baby finally reached Charleston last Friday night. Or rather, stopped in at the Music Farm before continuing through the southeast for their own headlining dates. Before detailing that particular evening though, let’s catch up on who these familiar faces are (for those […]

Tour Journal: Brave Baby Visits Daytrotter

Brave Baby-Forty Bells Download Brave Baby’s Daytrotter Session Our Day at Daytrotter By Keon Masters: We woke up in Chicago around six am. Rock Island is a solid three-hour drive west and we had to be at Daytrotter by noon. Keep in mind, rounding up six adult males in their twenties at any time before […]