Stella By Starlight and Their SC Ties

Wednesday July 9th


Doors 8 $5

I know you have a hard choice to make Wednesday night. There is a show down the street at New Brookland that I refuse to promote. No hard feelings of course. I am a huge fan of that band and also some of the other bands on that bill.

The show to be at Wednesday night is at Headliners. Last year, Stella By Starlight came out of virtually nowhere to win the MTVU award for Best Band on Campus. Let me explain to you what it means to win that award. This same award has helped launch the careers of The Killers, Plain White Ts and Fall Out Boy.

What do they sound like. I put them in the same vein as Baumer, The Killers and the like. You can listen to them and decide for yourself.

My personal connection to this band is through the guitarist, Sonny Byrd. I would say we have been out of touch of the last couple of years, but that is only because he was off saving lives after Katrina, graduating from Duke and playing in a award winning rock band.

Sonny and I played in the best band EVER from South Carolina, Iron Kid. Iron Kid was our high school garage band that gave us both our start at performing in a band. We both sang, we both wrote songs and we both played guitar. I went to USC, Sonny went to Governors School in Greenville for Guitar and then on to Duke.

This band has what it takes to make it to the next level, so lets show them some love when they pull into Columbia on Wednesday.

If you are in Charleston you can go see them at Johnson’s Pub on Tuesday.

Oh yeah and the opening act will seriously rock your face off. My band Cats and Cobras will get the crowd warmed up for Stella by Starlight.

Also opening