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Show Review:All Get Out/Friends and Romans/Becca Smith

*The guys from All Get Out and Friends and Romans were awesome enough to Comment on the story so go check it out as they answered some of my questions.*

This show was last Tuesday and it has taken me a long time to get around to writing this review, because I have been busy going to shows, playing shows, practicing for shows and working 40 hours a week at the ole day job.

So here it is.

Dylan Gilbert I’m sorry that I missed your set. Dylan is a great live performer and I have seen him live twice before. Search his name up in the top right and you will find a show review for him from The Watershed about a month ago.

Becca Smith should be extremely proud of herself. At her age to be playing shows at Headliners with artists as talented as Dylan Gilbert, Friends and Romans and All Get Out speaks for itself. Becca and Adam seemed perfectly comfortable with their settings Tuesday night and showed that they belonged on stage with these bands. Becca and Adam have talent and just need to keep at it. They are already way ahead of the game so it is going to be fun to watch where the future takes them.

Becca I’m not sure if you realize this, but by not wearing shoes on stage you are standing on the spit of every lead singer of a band that plays at Headliners. Good thing y’all played before All Get Out or you would have Nathan Hussey spit on the bottom of your feet. For four years I was barefoot on stage. Now I wear shoes.

Friends and Romans

I wasn’t really happy when FaR finished their set. Knowing that the guys aren’t going to be playing again for a while sucks really bad for me because I think they are a great band. Nick is going to a school about an hour outside of Chicago from what I understand. I’m not really sure what the other guys are doing. Maybe they can leave a comment telling us. But Nick whatever you do, if you’re in Chicago, if you’re in Chicago don’t tell Erich Skelton (he doesn’t have Chicago up on here, but listen to some of the old songs).

As you can tell from the video the mix was great for Friends and Romans. They played a solid set and the crowd was great for them. It seemed like the majority of the people at the show were there for Friends and Romans. There was a miniature exodus after they played, but still at least 50 people there for AGO.

All Get Out

I trust All Get Out to play a good show, and I’m not afraid to die.

The video above is my favorite All Get Out song. I don’t even know the name of it. Somebody tell me. It is just track 9 on the CD that I have. This song reminds me a lot of Pedro the Lion. Not so much sound wise, but more lyrically. I think they are aware of this relation and would take it as a compliment. I consider this one of the best songs I have heard in a long time, by any band or any artist.

All Get Out is on the road now and you should help them out by going to their shows and buying some of their shirts and CD’s. Gas is expensive if you haven’t noticed.

And if you really want to make them happy, mail a care package filled with cool stuff to a venue a couple of days before they play there. It’s not easy being on the road and bands need all of the help they can get.



  1. Hey man, this is Michael from Friends and Romans. Just to let you (and whoever reads this) know, Nick is going to school in Chicago, I’m going to Furman University in Greenville, James is going to Clemson, and Kyle is going to Charleston Southern. Hopefully some reunions will be up soon…

    PS, thanks and excellent job on the videos. Do you happen to have any others of ours from this show?

  2. thanks for writing about us. your words are greatly appreciated (along with the posters)!

    that song is called “Part 2” as of right now. it is a different take on the subject of the song before it.

    see you soon!

    ps care packages are fantastic, for the record.

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