UPDATED:Dino-Mech Vs. American Idol Loser

I would like to update this post with a video of “That Dude That Lost American Idol and has those bracelets that say Save a Drum, Bang a BeatBoxer.”  The real question is why was there anyone at this show when Marry a Thief/Ben Walker/Austin Crane were playing a free show in 5 Points?  If you weren’t at the AI #2 show here is what you missed.  PS You have to watch this. It is funny.

And the winner is definitely Dino-Mech!

This Message board is hilarious.

http://www. votefortheworst. com/forum/topic1195-4800. html

So here is the story.  American Idol Loser strolled into New Brookland Tavern the other day biddly doo bopping his head around like John Mayer or Jason Mraz and he see’s this flier and throws a hissy fit.

What is funny about this?  Everything

First off there is a dinosaur eating American Idol Loser.  Hilarious.

B) It actually got to him.  Even funnier

3)  Dino-Mech ended up getting kicked off the show.  Now they always get to tell that story and that is way better than “Hey we opened up for American Idol Loser and his one man band of effects/keyboards/beat boxing and loop pedals.”

4)  So apparently the American Idol Loser’s management cussed out Mike Lyons, owner of New Brookland Tavern.  Cry me a river.  And seriously why was this dude even booked at NBT.  I have been thinking that for months, but whatever… he obviously has a solid booking and management team.

This is a good idea for a costume at the Halloween costume contest at NBT.

On a side note I thought it was weird that I was the 666 visitor to Dino-Mech’s Myspace.  Halloween man, it’s crazy.

Here is the screen shot.

So ya’ll wanted both sides of the story.  Here is what Blakes side had to say.

  • He did not know that there was another band scheduled to play until the end of the night.
  • He was in the bus all day because he was sick. He had a sore throat and sprained his wrist.
  • No one showed him the flyer or told him anything about Dino-Mech being canceled until after the show.
  • If Dino-Mech being canceled had anything to do with the flyer it was Blake’s managers decision and he was not in the loop about it. They were letting him rest.
  • He’s sorry about what happend and wishes he had got to hear Dino -Mech that night.

I personally don’t believe any of that, but you can take from it what you will.  No one likes a liar.

Breaking News

The word on the street is that American Idol loser #2 locked Sanjaya, one of his fellow competitors, in a closet on their tour bus because he thought it would be funny. He then bragged about it and found it funny. Blake then also went around on all of his press tours and said he hated Sanjaya and that he didn’t deserve to be on the show with “talented” people like Blake.(Thank you whoever wrote that on the vote for the worst message boards that was hilarious.)


  1. Waaaaaa! Dinodouchbags didn’t get to play with Blake Lewis! Waaaaaa!

    How sad that they had to use his name for their 15 minutes of fame! Sadly, they return to their day jobs….

  2. Scene SC are big fans of all of David Adedokun’s projects including The Daylight Hours.

    Another thing we are big fans of is sarcasm.

    I am glad that the Blake Lewis fans were treated to The Daylight Hours music. It is probably the best thing that could have happened at that show.

  3. Dave was great, Carlotta was great, and Blake Lewis & ADD were great. It was an excellent night of live music. Dino-Mech wouldn’t have been a good fit… especially with their homophobic attitude. There’s no telling what would have happened if these bigots had been allowed to have the mic that night. I’m glad that they were replaced.

    Hopefully Dave sold a lot of CDs that night. He’s very talented.

  4. Which is what Blake’s management said. They create a insulting flyer, the last thing you want to do is hand them a mic. Blake didn’t even know anything about it until after the fact and never even saw the flyer. It was his managements decision and after seeing the way they have responded to what happened, they probably made a good call.

    Indeed homophobes… even used the ugly F word… They have no respect for anyone. I dont see them getting far in the business with attitudes like this… You can only be a DIVA once you have achieved some stigma.

    Maybe after they compete on AI and manage to make it to #2 over millions of other singers, cut a record that sells over 300,000 copies not counting downloads and work with some of the big name talent that Blake has in his corner they can act like the jerks they are acting like now.

    Until then, they need to humble themselves and consider that this is possiblt THEIR OWN FAULT…Idiotic bulling stops being funny after your oh… 8!

  5. Before getting on Dinomech’s bandwagon why didn’t you also contact Blake or his management before assuming everything Dinomech said was truth. There’s always two sides to a story and all I’m reading is a one sided view. Doesn’t seem like journalism at its best.

  6. it’s a flyer. yeah blake lewis was on american idol, adored by millions. But we all also now know he is a douche with no sense of humor. Is the flyer really that offensive? He should just be happy that they promoted the show.

  7. It’s sad that a band who formed at the time of the show needs to use this as a launch for themselves……..

  8. I think it is awesome that we are talking about a band that has never even really played a show!

    And Dino-Mech next time y’all need flyers hit me up. I can do them cheaper.

    And you know that everyone is going to be stealing that design. I’m thinking about using it for our Kickoff Party at NBT in 3 weeks. Is that cool?

  9. Here are some loop holes in Dino-Mess story…

    First they said they play that venue all the time

    Then they said they formed that band JUST to play with Blake
    (How does a new band that has never performed live together get on a bill with Blake Lewis?)

    They said not playing with Blake that night shattered their dreams
    (if they were a new band how did they even have a dream?)

    Who is the REAL villan here?

    These guys put a button on their MySpace (with 14 friends last time I checked) calling Blake a FA_ _ _T. Homophobes anyone?

    They also told the Administrator at IdolBored (Who was actually very cool to them and let them say their side of the story on Blake’s fansite) that they hoped all Blake’s fan got Type 1 Diabetes. Can they be anymore assnine?

    IMO these guys were looking to capitolize on Blake’s success… The poster is indicitive of just that. No matter how it played out, they pre-meditated USING Blake for their own gain.

    Looks to me like that has backfired.

    Like Blake or not, he has a huge fanbase and lots of friends in the industry. It’s probably not good for a brand new band to use him in this manner. Knowing Blake, he would have been all about meetingthese guys and making this right. Can you say misunderstanding?

  10. Their old band played New Brookland all of the time. They broke up and then formed this band to play the Blake Lewis show. They actually only practiced for 2 weeks. From what I understand.

    Not sure what their goal as a band is. I don’t get the feeling they are trying to get signed and make it big, although I’m sure they would like that.

    And of course they were using Blake for their own gain. That is the point of opening for a bigger band. DUHHHHHHHH Blake capitalized on American Idol.

  11. At first I wasn’t even going to respond because it’s obvious this whole thing had gotten blown out of proportion…

    But when one of my friends told me that Dino-Mess was so bitter about not being able to play on the same roster as Blake, that they wished every one of us on the website gets Type 1 Diabetes, that’s where I draw the line. (Being that I have had Type 1 since I was 10- 16 years now- and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.)

    First it seemed as though Dino-Mess was almost willing to call it a truce. They seemed polite about it, and willing to get to the bottom of it and make amends. Then all of a sudden, they change their mind again, and decide to keep taking it further and further. Can we say Bi-Polar? Creepy. Secondly, they keep changing their story around, saying one thing, then again changing their minds. This time, can we say hypocrite? Weird.

    What it comes down to is that Dino-Mess is just bitter because, in the end, they are a bunch of little boys, who didn’t get their way. I say we stop feeding into them and let them think and say what they want. They are only going to bury themselves deeper and deeper the more they continue to wallow in their own little pity party.

  12. Fine they were using Blake for theirown gain. Should have went about it completely different in order to make it work. Blake loves to colaberate and had they went about things with a little humility and taste I’m sure all their dreams would have come true and then some. You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar…Now they will get their 15 minutes of internet press and be forgotten. Good riddence!

  13. people saying they were trying to use this show to ‘use blake lewis’ as a way to get the word out about their band.

    This is dumb… for several reasons

    a) bands do this ALL THE TIME! bands open for larger bands, so they will play for the crowd that the larger band draws. Why do you think it’s a big deal that they were playing the show because there would most likely be a lot of people there. Do you think All Get Out is USING Manchester Orchestra to get fans by opening for them on a tour… No, but the guaranteed crowd of opening for a big band is a huge plus. It’s one of many promotional tools bands use to expand their fanbase.

    b) it’s BLAKE LEWIS. we were asked to open this show but didn’t since we’re no longer a band. We were going to play it, because its BLAKE LEWIS. how cool/hilarious of a story is it too play with an american idol loser? (loser in the sense that he didn’t win…)

    and DINOMECH used to be a band called THE ANCHORS. very talented friends of ours who we played several shows with. They didn’t just throw shit together to get on the show, I’ve seen them play plenty of times and they are good. Two of the members (I’m thinking the anchors were mostly the same people as dinomech) have a ridiculously good hiphop production project called ‘tha masters of death’

    listen to that if you think dinomech are a bunch of untalented losers.

  14. Of course bands use bigger bands as ladders… I have no issue with that at all. It;s the way Dino-Mess went about it. In most cases, there is a respect amoungst musicians and you dont share the bill with a bigger act by making a mockery of them. It was very disrespectful and while I thought perhaps they had a genuine beef with Bake after what happened that that night, their behaviour in the aftermass just proved that they were bratty little punks without an ounce of professionalism looking for their 15 mins no matter what they had to do to get it.

  15. I don’t really wan’t to get into this but if you ask me its the Dinomech people that are the real losers here!

  16. Okay, wait….let me catch up on this here..

    …..This band who broke up and then quickly got back together (doesn’t matter who it was really) was on a bill with another artist, who was headlining (doesn’t matter who it was again) and said band put out a poster that was disrepectful to this other artist, (and yeah in this country if the disrespected thinks it’s disrespectful than it is…cause really that’s the only person who’s opinion matters and is the only person who can determine if something is disrespectful to him/her). And then they wanted this artist to give them a live mic at the show where said artist was headlining, hence standing in front of the same audience later in the evening. Yeah, read that as LIVE MIC so the said band can then talk directly to the artist’s fans and said band can say whatever the heck they feel like saying to the artist’s fans. And said band has already shown bad judgement in their communication skills with the artist’s fans.

    WhyTF would they let that band go on anyway. What artist in their right mind would allow that. And what manager in their right mind would even let that get to the artist. Regardless of who pulled the plug, it was done correctly. I’m in agreement with smaller bands “using” larger acts to further their career. It’s the way of the game and makes complete sense. However, that smaller band better have a bit more respect for the coatails it wants to sit on for the night.

    Oh yeah and HT, you switched from we to them during that post…kinda gave yourself away! Just sayin’.

  17. I was at the New Brookland Tavern on Oct. 16 and it was a great night of live music. Dave Adedokun, Carlotta, and Blake and his band A.D.D. are talented, professional, and serious musicians who played to an enthusiastic audience and afterward spent hours greeting anyone who wanted to meet them. They were gracious and appreciative and it was a total pleasure to witness how they interacted with everyone. I would have a hard time believing anyone left that show disappointed with the performances they saw and the quality of music they heard that night.

    What I do find hard to believe, though, is that Dino-Mech is a legitimate band. Their so-called “story” first appeared six days after the concert and they continue to exhibit an appalling lack of professionalism. And it’s a story shot through with holes. It appears they didn’t have a MySpace account until less than a month before the show. When given an opportunity to discuss their grievance at a Blake-related website, Dino-Mech quickly devolved the discussion into petulance and insults. Their behavior and motives in this story are suspect. They were quickly embraced by a website that is very proud of its stated mission to “bring down” American Idol. Even they have seemed to move on.

    Why would a legitimate band jeopardize an opportunity to open for anyone, and feel that they could show such a blatant lack of respect—for fellow musicians, for music fans, for venues, for their own community—with impunity?

    I don’t find Blake Lewis’ side of the story hard to believe at all. It was his 11th show in 11 days, so why wouldn’t he need a few hours rest? Anyone at the show knew his wrist was injured and he had a sore throat, so he was wasn’t being disingenuous in relating his side of the story. His management may have wisely recognized that Dino-Mech lacked the level of professionalism to share the stage with Carlotta and Blake Lewis. Tellingly, the owner of the New Brookland Tavern has been silent on the matter, other than what Dino-Mech chose to include in their story. It now appears that only Dino-Mech and a few like-minded friends insist on carrying on this specious claim. It is not at all flattering to them.

    There are plenty of hard-working, talented, little-recognized musicians who would love to open for a high-profile headliner, particularly one who respects and understands the struggle musicians face in a very harsh business. Dino-Mech’s future may lie in designing flyers for a copy shop, because it doesn’t seem like they give a flip about taking music seriously.

  18. The whole thing is a bunch of hooey. The Dino-Mech complaint was raised merely to try to gain some pitiful measure of attention and notoriety, NOTABLY, using Blake Lewis’s name to do so. If the guy was such a loser, why??

    Also, the whole deal surrounding Dino-mech is last-minute, and slapped together. We have a MS with 16 people on it, and a handful of flyers for a show that never happened. Big Whip. That does not make them a real band, and certainly their actions have proven them unprofessional. If they were interested in selling albums and gaining fans, they never would have acted so abominably. We can only hope their newfound friends at VFTW will embrace any music they do produce, because right now they are the sole fans of a bunch of immature adolescent-minded protagonists.

    If they were really wanting to gain fans(Blake Lewis’s fans–DUH!) then maybe just a little respect could have come into play with their promotion. Had they done so, none of this would have happened, and Dave from Daylight Hours would not have made 150 new fans for himself. Ah well.

  19. Hmm…seems he has gone way past 15 minutes for many, many people, so I think you might want to check your addition.


    dino-fucks are retarted and as long as blake did a little beatboxing that night then the show was worth it.

    problem solved.

  21. Damn guys, I totally forgot this even happened. No, we’re not that serious about our music. Yes we thought it would be funny to circulate this story around the internet. The article was printed in the Free Times 6 days later because it only prints once a week. There are no holes in our story. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer, send it to our myspace.

    And no, we never plan to play again.

    ps. to the guy who has type 1 diabetes…my wish came true. Christmas came early.

  22. dino mech, learn from your mistakes. Your “ps” reaffirms that keeping you away from a live mic was the right decision. Case closed.

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