David McMillin on Greene Street

Wednesday Nov 5th

Greene St. around Russell House

5 PM

So according to my 2008 Wildlife Calendar two things happen this Wednesday November 5th.   One being that “Coastal Plain Deer Rut Peaks” and the other being that David McMillin is coming to play on Greene St. in front of Russell House.  Both of which you probably don’t know about.  Other than David McMillin’s myspace I haven’t seen it on any calendars around Columbia.  So here is what the David’s know.

We believe it is an outdoor show on Greene St. and it will feature David with his full band.

If you are a fan of Folk/Americana/Alt Country genres you will like David McMillin.  I found him a little while back wandering through Myspace.  He was also voted Chicago’s best Folk/Country/Americana act for 2008.  Go check him out.