Show Review: Baumer’s Farewell

Sometimes in the past when I have done show reviews I will name people from other bands that showed up to support other bands. If I were to do that for the Baumer show the list would be way too long and I’m sure I would accidentally leave people out. It might be easier to name members of bands that weren’t there. The fact that everyone showed up like this really proved how much Baumer has meant to the entire music scene in SC. I can’t remember the last local show that I went to that had 600 people there. You can see in the video how active the crowd was. The crowd swayed and clapped as one and was 100 percent into each and everyone of Baumer’s songs. I don’t think a band could ask for a more perfect crowd.

It was great that 93.5 supported this show. It would have been even cooler if they would have spun the records the last two years. Whatever though. I’m just a fan that always wanted to hear them on the radio. We are lucky enough to have WUSC and 99.3 both of which played the Baumer records regularly.

Baumer opened up their set with the title track to their first album “Come On, Feel It” and for the next 1 hour and 15 minutes played through their catalog of fan favorites. My favorite being “Denouement.” There were a lot of times during the night that I was proud. There were a lot of moments where I was really happy that the night was turning out the way it was. “Denouement” was one of those moments hearing how loud the crowd was singing the chorus.

After playing an hour long set Baumer took a brief intermission before coming back for their encore. First song of the encore being a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Bille Jean” that was awesome as always. Baumer then went back to the song that started it all with “How the West 1.” It gave the audience something they were very familiar with and one last chance to clap and dance for Baumer.

I’m not sure if Friday was officially a sell out, but I’m almost positive that it was over fire code. That said, there aren’t many bands that sell out their first show ever and their last show.

The only thing I would have changed about this show if I had the opportunity, is that I would have had someone else record it so I could have been in the middle of the crowd with my friends. Good Run.