New Scene SC Staff

(Scene SC Staff Bakari and Will)

We’ve got two new staff members at Scene SC.  Bakari Lebby and Will Flourance are joining the team.  Both Will and Bakari are active in the SC music scene by playing local bands on their WUSC radio show and by going to shows.  They were recently the MC’s at the Scene SC kickoff party and will be helping out here with everyday news and show reviews.

Will is a Journalism student at USC, originally from Arlington, Virginia.  He has the most “indie” taste on the staff, whatever that term means.  I’ll say it this way.  He likes more music on than anyone else does.

Bakari is a Business major at USC minoring in Music.  He has been a fan of Scene SC since the very first post and has always been there to comment and suggest stories.  His music taste covers everything from hip-hop to indie to anti-folk to punk.  He doesn’t listen to country, although you might see him tapping his foot occasionally to some Bluegrass.

Both of these guys are young and have their best years ahead of them in the music scene.

We’ve got two more people we will be introducing soon and then our team of 6 will be complete.