Show Preview: Sunday, November 30 at NBT

So, there will be a show at New Brookland Tavern on Sunday, November 30 featuring The Brisbones,  The Bourbon Brothers, The Ride, Thee MAD FROGS, and Living Rheum. Doors open at 6:30 and it shall be $5 over 21 and $7 for all youngsters. I’m going to give you a bit of a rundown of the bands playing, so read on!

The Brisbones are a straight up Rock and Roll band, which I haven’t heard or seen in a long time, so I’m very interested to hear them. I listened to a few tracks on their myspace page and I enjoyed quite a bit. The cuts are slick. They kinda remind me of The Mooney Suzuki. Plus they have the White Stripes under their influences, which I can hear. And any band with the White Stripes under their influences is a band that everyone should be listening to.

The Bourbon Brothers. This site has said that “Their live show is a mix of booze, sweat and untamed energy […] It will bring your soul back to music”. I think that should be more than enough to coax you out to the show. I’ve never heard them personally, but after reading that, I’m sure it’s going to sick.

The Ride is slated to show up, and I’ve never heard them or of them, but I’m sure they’ll be fantastic

Thee MAD FROGS is an instrumental band that sometimes reminds me of Santana, but sometimes reminds me of 70s rock. Whatever they are, I like it. I am hearing xylophone on one of their tracks while hearing a guitar shred all over the place. The energy that this music sends through my ears can only be ten times more awesome live. Plus they have a rad name.

Ah, Living Rheum. This will be the first time I’ll have heard Living Rheum live, although I have heard Jon Satin and the gang around. I have specific inside information that this specific performance will be amazing because of the addition of a violinist. I am a humongous fan of stringed instruments, so the sound of violin in this set will probably make me drool. Anyhow, I’m pretty excited to hear what Living Rheum has set up for their live set.