• Malik Sealey

    Will Armstrong- “Making Love (to myself): A Boy’s 30 Day Voyage”

  • DString

    Can’t wait until the 25th. Will any stores in Columbia have the record?

  • mike rogers

    i think it is funny that our record isn’t out yet but is still listed… hahahaha

  • mike rogers

    we are working on that. you will be one of the first to know after we do

  • nate puza

    xACUTEx – ti83p

    gets my vote for best album of the year by local artist

  • Bakari

    i agree with nate

  • you me and us

    I just wish they’d get their shit together and play some shows already!
    It is pretty rad.

  • mike rogers

    hey, the record is now out on iTunes, Amazon.com, and at our shows right now. we should be finding out the independent stores soon.