Manchester/AGO/Kevin Devine review

On Sunday night, Manchester Orchestera, All Get Out, Kevin Devine and Dead Confederates played at Headliners in Columbia, SC. I had been looking forward to this show since Manchester Orchestra first posted it on their myspace. I made sure to tell people about this show every time I was on air at WUSC. I also played Manchester Orchestra’s new EP on almost every one of my shows. I got to review the EP and all I did was rave about how good they are and how the DJ reading it should play it.

The opener of the night was All Get Out, and one hell of an opener they were. I had only seen All Get Out perform live once before this show, sadly, so I still wasn’t completely familiar with how much energy and passion they exude when they perform. I was blown away by the performance and I am positive I wasn’t the only one in the crowd of 300+ that filled Headliners. Brandon Wilks of The Devil and the Lion said; “Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine blew my mind, but All Get Out was definitely my favorite of the night.” I just bought their new EP and I recommend that you do, too. That is if you haven’t already. Wilks also said that Nathan Hussey (the front man of AGO) is one of his favorite song writers.  All Get Out is a big influence to a lot of younger bands in Columbia and Sumter as you could see from their concert Sunday night.  Members of Friends and Romans and Abigail the Wolf were some of the most energetic fans in the audience.  My favorite part of their set by far, was the last song they played.  It is called Part 2 and isn’t on one of their EP’s. There was a part of it where it was compete silence except for Nathan singing. It was so raw and moving. Incredible. If you haven’t listened to AGO much, please take some time and do so. They just released a new EP, which I just purchased and listen to non-stop.  And next time you are checking out Scene SC and see that AGO is playing near you, do yourself a favor and come out.
Next up was Kevin Devine, who is relatively new to the Favorite Gentleman roster.  Devine comes all the way from Brooklyn, New York with a nice folk rock meets indie rock feel to his music. Exactly what I like, as well as most others who came out for MO and AGO probably enjoy, as well. On this tour, Kevin Devine plays with his band, Brian Bonz & the Dot Hongs.  Showing off some of his 90’s influences he incorporated the song Stars by Hum into the end of one of his songs. I was 5 when that song came out. After Kevin Devine, Dead Confederate played.

Last up was Manchester Orchestra. Oh how I have been dying to see them live. I missed them on their last round to Columbia and was heartbroken. They are by far one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite. Their lyrics are incredibly powerful and thought provoking. I have even used their lyrics in a couple of art projects. Their new EP, “Let My Pride be What’s Left Behind,” also came with a DVD. Watching it only made me that much more excited for this show, as a scenes from the DVD were shot in Columbia at New Brookland Tavern.  It really gives insight to how real they are, and how deep their music is, as well as their love for it. The only downer about their set was that they played a bit too many new and unheard songs, rather than mostly older stuff. A friend was watching the show from the balcony and said that it was funny watching the crowd go from just standing there listening when they played new songs, to singing along and getting all into it when they played older, more well known songs. Not saying that the new songs aren’t good. I also wish they would have played “I Was a Lid” or “I Can Feel a Hot One.” “I Was a Lid” definitely is on the top of my list of favorite songs by MO, and “I Can Feel a Hot One” was played on an episode of Gossip Girl. My favorite part of the entire show was when they played “Where Have you Been?” Watching them perform it on their DVD was amazing in and of itself, but for this show everyone from the opening bands joined MO on stage, and the energy was radiating. There isn’t anything I can really say to describe it other than it was positively amazing. Cliché as that may be, it gets my point across. Andy Hull (front man) had a comedic solo during the set. It was a song about 50 cent, and it definitely stirred up a lot of laughs. For their closer, they covered the theme song to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” It was indeed a good close to the show. MO is coming out with a new, full length CD this coming Spring. Be sure to keep a look out for it, from the sounds of their new songs it will not disappoint.

On a side note the line up for that show that Manchester filmed at New Brookland was Erich Skelton, All Get Out, Colour Revolt and Manchester Orchestra.  Bring back that show.

Photos Courtesy of Me