Where Have You Been?

I know that we have been lacking lately on posts and show previews, cd reviews etc.  You have to understand that everyone that writes for Scene SC is either a full time student or has a full time job.

Also, while it looks like we haven’t been doing that much, in the last two weeks we have gone to see about 15 bands.  A couple of times we have been to two venues in one night.

We have new video editing software and a new camera on the way.  What does this mean for you?  Higher quality recordings!  Right now it is a big pain to even upload the videos because of stupid file types that no editing software really supports.  

So starting soon we are shooting for 2-3 posts a day along with more show previews.

PS Is anyone besides me excited to see Mute Math and Manchester Orchestra at ST. Pats in 5 Points this year!