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Run Dan Run Hit The Tracks


In promotion of their new Acoustic EP “27 Coming St.” Run Dan Run decided to tour in a little more eco-friendly way.  Next week the band will take off from Durham to New York via Public Transportation(Amtrak).  Ditching the traditional band-in-a-van approach will offer a totally different tour experience.

Seriously, who wants to have manuever a van through NYC for 5 days?  All Run Dan Run will have to worry about is keeping up with the one acoustic instrument they will each bring with them.  From that point on it is an adventure that begins with each venue.  Some of the venues will already have drum sets, some might have a piano.  Whatever the venue has to offer the band will find a way to incorporate that into their set.

One of the main reasons for the Winter Tour is their new acoustic EP “27 Coming St.” that I previously mentioned.  The album features new and old songs stripped down and recorded in 1-2 takes in Dan’s living room on a Sunday night last October.  Hints the name of the album.  Don’t let the 1-2 takes and one night recording session jazz fool you though.  The album is very thoughtful and feels like it has adopted a lot of the sounds of its surroundings.  When you listen to the album, just put yourself in the heart of Charleston on a Sunday night in October and I think you’ll know what I mean.


I’ve always been an admirer of Hearts and Plugs and this is one reason why.  When you purchase this album you are not only buying the music, but a piece of art.  RDR has hand pressed 200 of the above album, designed by Megan Elders.  If you don’t already know who she is she does extra. good. stamps.

The album can be purchased at shows and the Hearts and Plugs website and will be coming to ITunes and other digital stores in the coming weeks.

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