Flagpole Aquarium Drunkard Interview


Continuing with the Athen’s theme of the day, I came across this interview with Aquarium Drunkard blogger Justin Gage this morning in Flagpole.  If you aren’t familiar with Aquarium Drunkard they are based out of Los Angeles and host a Sirius/XM radio show.  The blog tends to focus on southern bands and artist introducing them to a national audience.  They are also linked to Autumn Tone Records and will be hosting a stage at this years AthFest.  In the interview Justin talks about his involvement in the music scene while he was at UGA and how Aquarium Drunkard got its’ start.

Aquarium Drunkard has been featured as one of the best music blogs in Rolling Stone, Yahoo! Music Picks and LA.com.

Aquarium Drunkard Returns to Athens to Host Awesome AthFest Showcase

A Blog About a Blogger

Aquarium Drunkard and Team Clermont are presenting Liz Durrett, Circulatory System and Modern Skirts at Nuçi’S Space on Friday, June 26 as part of AthFest.

FP: When you were a student at UGA, were you into the local music scene?