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On the Road with All Get Out



We are ending week number two.  And we’re all ready for a day off.  But, this tour has been incredibly rewarding.  We parted ways with O’Brother for two days as they went to be with our good friends, Dignan, in McAllen and San Antonio, TX for their album release.

This past week we’ve played a grand total of 7 shows in Texas, starting in Plano, moving to Ft. Worth, Abilene, Midland, Waco, Dallas, and Longview.  Some of those markets we’ve played before, others we’d never even heard of.  But we had a great time every night in front of old and new faces.
This week we move further north to Arkansas and play one last show with O’Brother.  We’ll miss them dearly.  After that, we drive over to Kansas to do some shows with a great band called Scouts.  We’re really looking forward to those shows and really looking forward to hanging out with those dudes.
As we said last week, its because of you that we do what we do.  It makes enduring the god-awful heat of summer very worth it when we see all of you out at the shows on the road.
Please continue to show your support.  We’ll continue to do the same.

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