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The Best, Worst and Most Surprising of the Southeast


For the past two weeks I have been out on the road with my band The Fire Tonight.  While we only had one SC date in the whole bunch, David and I agree that Southeastern coverage effects our lovely little music scene here.  So, without further delay I present “The Best, Worst and Most Surprising of the Southeast.”

The Worst Law

Tennessee is one messed up place.  If you are a touring band with any members under 21 then take note, they will not be able to play any bar that allows smoking.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It makes no sense, and our 3 piece set sure was awful.

The Best Bar Owner

Those of you who live in or visit Greenville, SC know that the local music scene is not exactly vibrant.  The Handlebar is a great venue, but it is tough going elsewhere.  If you live there, or are in a band, you should make it a priority to stop by The Real Gypsy and meet Scott.  The club is spacious and the sound certainly capable, but what makes it worth your time is the owner.  Scott has played music, knows music, and if he likes a band he is going to go out of the way to help them out.  You can’t beat that.

The Worst Experience

While having our brakes fail was not much fun, the worst experience(s) were when it was obvious the local bands did not do their part to promote a show.  I realize that not all bands are trying to “make it big” but if you play in your hometown and no one comes out to see you play then you either need to figure out how to promote yourself or quit.  Harsh, but true.  Nothing makes a scene look worse than bands that don’t promote effectively or at all.

The Most Surprisingly Accurate Venue Website

Take a look at the website for The Juggling Gypsy.  I think you can get buzzed just by looking at it.

The Most Disgusting Bathroom

The Tremont Music Hall.  I left a part of myself there.

The Best Columbia Related Moment

Angelo Gianni from Treadmill Trackstar came to our show in Asheville.  I must admit, the  13 year old Treadmill fan inside of me squealed a little.  He told me all kinds of secrets about their new album, but mainly that they are working to finish up cello and vocals.

The Worst Columbia Related Moment

Hanging out with David.


  1. I agree, Scott is an awesome dude who knows how to make a band feel welcome. The Real Gypsy is definatly one of our favorite places to play out of all of the venues we’ve had the pleasure of playing.
    (we’ll be there July 18th with the Angst from florida and 4 Past Midnight on tour from SCOTLAND)

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