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On The Road with All Get Out



(Photo Courtesy of Creigh Lyndon)

This week has been challenging for us.

We’ve had broken amps, broken drum heads, and have had to repair our trailer twice.  Chicago, IL was our last show with our friends, Scouts.  We already miss them dearly.  1 guitar amp blew, and one pedal board crapped out.  The next night we drove to Lansing, MI to start some dates with All The Day Holiday.  Another guitar amp blew.  After that show, we discovered that there was something terribly wrong with the axle on our trailer.  We attempted to get it fixed the next day, but realized that it would take longer than we had.  So, we packed some guitars, drums, and pedal boards in the back of our van and drove to Detroit to play our show, where Gordon put a nice HUGE hole in his snare drum.  After our show, we drove back to Lansing and slept in our van until the mechanic shop opened back up.  They “fixed” our trailer and we were on our way back to Detroit for our day off.  Got to see Brand New play. And an awesome band called Robbers opened for them.  Afterwards, we did some bowling.
Then, we went off to Toledo, OH to continue our shows with All The Day Holiday.  Had an awesome show there, and drove over to Cleveland that night.  Woke up that day and visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.  Saw some really amazing things there.  Akron, OH was next on our radar, and we had an AMAZING show there. Played with some really awesome bands.  Drove overnight to Cincinnati. Enjoyed the next day riding roller coasters and water rides.  But then, realized there was something still wrong with our trailer.  Next morning took it to a mechanic shop and realized that our trailer wasn’t really “fixed” and we were having the same problem.  Had to cancel our Owensboro, KY show because of it.  But, it seems to be fixed now.  So, we are off to Louisville, KY today to continue this tour.  Hoping for a good show.  Really excited to be playing with Kopecky Family Band and The Foxery tonight – two bands that we all adore!
It feels good for these good ol’ southern boys to be headed back South again.  The north and midwest are great, but there’s nothing like some sweet tea and boiled peanuts for our southern blood.
Keep checking our dates.  We’d love to see you at one of the upcoming shows near you!


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