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This past week has been really great for The Rocketboys. We’ve gotten to play some great venues, meet some great people, and visit some great places (the 3 G’s). But before I tell you about any of it, I must tell you what may be the best story of them all.

Let me set the stage . . . We’re driving through Camden, New Jersey, approaching the border of Pennsylvania, when all of the sudden a white SUV pulls up next to our van. And what do you know, out of the SUV, some breasts pop out (I’m sure you’re wondering, “Did he just say the B-word?”). So that part of the story is good enough, but it continues. Sadly, I was asleep in the back and missed The Flash go by, but the commotion it caused was certainly enough to wake me up.  Next thing I know everyone is laughing and carrying on and talking about this unprovoked flashing.  We start approaching some traffic that quickly turns into quite the jam. As it turns out, this traffic jam had been caused by a small four-car fender-bender. But . . . once we reach the site of the accident, we see that very familiar white SUV second in the pile of four (ok, let that sink in for a minute).  GET IT?

I feel like that story may trump anything else I could tell you from this past week (perhaps it’s just the pre-adolescent in me, though). But here are a few pictures and highlights you may enjoy:

We played Frankie’s in Toledo two nights in a row and then went there the third night to watch our good friends All Get Out and All The Day Holiday play a killer show.

We hung out on a farm and went swimming in a pond.

We purchased a new GPS, no longer will we have to use the GPOS we’ve been using (get it?)

We played Public Assembly in Brooklyn with Katie Mullins, Tiny Animals, and Dear Future.

We hung out in NYC with good friends.

We wanted to see the Liberty Bell, but it was all locked up (iron-ic?).

We ate Southern Maryland crabs at Matt’s parents’ house in Waldorf, MD (well, everyone but me, I ate potato salad).

Right after we got crabs, we attended a sweet pool party that we were supposed to play (unfortunately Dear Future rocked the PA system too hard, and it blew up).

Here’s a video from one of our shows at Frankie’s that our friend Stephanie made:

You can watch more of her videos if you click here

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