Hot Lava Monster takes California #2

22185445-a0b3dcd7de09d7d3ab01233c299b340f.4a7ee961-scaledHot Lava Mike back with an update!  Also, check out constant updates from the band’s Twitter!

Day 4 in Weed

Today was the first day we met Sylvia. We’ve been rehearsing in the theater with different tempos and arrangements for the past three days. Sylvia came in, listened to the songs, and picked the ones we would record. Hats off to Andy for knocking out all the drums in an afternoon. He nailed every song in one to two takes. Bass sounds pretty much done too. Wes played through a (then prototype) Ampeg that went on the road with the Stones in the 70’s. The board we recorded through also recorded Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same. Needless to say I had a massive rock boner.

This evening Patrick cooked dinner for everyone. Knowing better, I chewed my food in front of him, but spit it out when he wasn’t watching. That proved to be much tougher than I thought- he is always watching. My nights are still fairly restless, however, I have found some sanctuary in the meth lab across the street. They don’t seem to mind me crashing when I need to. And if anyone were to try to sneak up on me while I slept, the tweakers would surely come to my aid. Right?