Show Review: Confederate Fagg

Photo Courtesy of Woody Jones

Photo Courtesy of Woody Jones

To say that Confederate Fagg rocked a packed house at New Brookland Tavern Saturday November 14th would be a bit of an understatement. To truly understand the level of rock-n-roll debauchery unleashed upon West Columbia that night, one need only have seen the piles upon piles of plush animal stuffing and pornography strewn about the NBT floor at the close of the show. Taking the stage in their signature leather, fishnets, and macrame, and with enough eyeshadow to make David Bowie blush, Teabag Balzac, Mango Chutney, Spanky Swatnasty, and Packer resembled a bizarro-world Village People. Luckily, the V.P. comparison ends there. Unleashing a volley of rock ranging from glam metal to good old-fashioned punk, the Faggs could not be stopped in their quest to simply “rock your balls off.” With a playful swagger,the band turned out flaming covers  from such giants as AC/DC, The Stooges, and Cheap Trick as well as delivering a few choice originals including the epic “Down with the Boys” off their 2003 release, Rock and Roll Hall of Flame. Coming up on nearly a decade of rocking the socks off Cola town, live performances from the Faggs have dwindled to essentially a yearly gig. This may not be such a bad thing.  The NBT audience will probably need a year to recover from all the inhaled stuffed animal particles. Thanks for the good times, Faggs. See you next year!

PS: I included a photo that I took. Feel free to use it though for some people it could be NSFW.

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