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Show Review: Bess Rogers/Jenny Owen Youngs/Emily Lynch


Dear Diary, last night was OSM.  There were more girls than guys at the show.  “So this is what a room full of girls looks like,” is what I was thinking the entire time.  What heaven might look like all of the time.  Then Jenny Owen Youngs started talking about Ke$ha and I realized I might be in hell.

Emily Lynch opened the night with her country flair and easily took the crowds attention.  She went to school at Clemson, which we will try and forgive her for, but is currently based out of Georgia.  This was Emily’s second time at The White Mule and she has played with Columbia’s own Hannah Miller in the southeast.  Check her out, she is a delight.

Next up was Bess Rogers and our highlight of the night.  Bess was our introduction to 2/3’s of the Spring Break Forever tour.  Allison Weiss is the third installment who couldn’t make it to the Columbia show.  She hasn’t visited us here since she rocked our Scene SC’s first birthday party this summer.  We miss her.  Bess played us a nice mix of new and older songs last night, one of the newer ones you can check out in the video above.

Jenny Owen Youngs closed the night with a set that was a straight up mix of stage patter and music.  Usually too much talking might get on your nerves, but it was really entertaining.  Last time we saw Jenny was in Charlotte with her full band and the show was not nearly as laid back.  It was a huge contrast in performances and last night was way more personal and showed a different side that we don’t usually get to see.  Keywords from last night, we say Go Cocks for our mascot, Ke$ha is part of a global domination scenario and JOY is the messenger and JOY will not play Hot in Herre even if you have the lyrics on stage for her.


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