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Show Preview-Calculator/The Restoration/All Get Out

(Photo Credit: Brian Manley is awesome)

Thursday night at New Brookland Tavern, we celebrate the release of our first Scene SC Sampler with our good friends and sampler mates All Get Out, The Restoration and Calculator.  We will also have special guests Weatherbox and Twilight Armada performing.

At this point I hope you have learned that at Scene SC we like to cover bands that work hard, are good and try to make a difference.  Those three criteria went in to choosing the 18 bands on the sampler, only one of which is broken up.  But the reason that Erich Skelton and Marry a Thief are on the sampler is because not only is he an phenomenal musician, we know it is only a matter of time before his next project comes out.  For the show Thursday night we have three bands that are going places.

All Get Out is one of the hardest working touring bands that South Carolina has to offer.  These guys literally give everything they have to the road and making new fans and with the release of their first full length coming up soon, it’s safe to say they are rounding second base.  The album will be released on Favorite Gentleman records, which has hopefully found new life with the rise of founding band and owners of the record label Manchester Orchestra and their team of Andy Hull and Jeremiah Edmonds.  We have great faith in these guys that they will not only put out an amazing record, but give it the publicity and work that it needs to receive.

Calculator is one of the gems of the Columbia music scene, producing a type of music unlike any other in the area.  Their secrets to success are not only being unique, but consistently finding ways to top their previous material with songs that push the envelope.  Their live show is at times as sexually awkward as catching your parents having sex, but it seems to work.  If they find a consistent drummer and keep playing quality shows everything should fall in line for these dudes.

The mind of Daniel Machado never ceases to amaze me.  In 2009 he started The Restoration and began telling the story of Constance which will finally come to life April 23 at their album release at Trustus theatre.  From the get go, The Restoration has done everything the right way.  They’ve put together a music video, which if I remember correctly had 7 camera angles.  They play all their shows in full costume, reminiscent of the time period of the story they are telling.  They promote their band like other bands should.  And with the recording of their latest album they didn’t hold back in any area of the process.  And even if they had never done any of this, they would still have some of the best songs and be one of the best bands in Columbia.  It says a lot and everything they do is well respected.


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