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Bakari’s Summer Jams #2

Another week, another Jam.

Or two.

First up “Kids” by Sleigh Bells

Kids – Sleigh Bells

Kids – Sleigh Bells

When I first heard Sleigh Bells back in December, my mind was blown. The demo of this song, “Beach Girls”, didn’t really impress me as much as “Infinity Guitars”, or “Crown on the Ground”, but once I grabbed Sleigh Bells’ debut record, “Treats”, I came across this song, “Kids”. I realized about a day later that it was the full-length version of “Beach Girls”. Anyway, Enough back story. This song is great, as is the record, and it definitely expresses the rough but fun essence of a sunny summer. Be about it.

Light Up (feat. Jay-Z) by Drake

Light Up (feat. Jay Z) – Drake

Light Up (feat. Jay-Z) – Drake

So, I’ll be the first to admit that I gave Drake absolutely no credit until about April/March of 2010. I just wasn’t impressed by “Best I Ever Had”, and I’m still not impressed by it. I have grown some respect for Drake’s determination/work ethic, and his way to pound out a hook that works. All together, his debut, Thank Me Later, kinda left me hanging. I think after I heard the lead single, “Over”, I expected too much out of the whole album. I cannot stand current single, “Find Your Love”, probably because I’m not a huge fan of 808s and Heartbreak. This track definitely has a steady and direct message from both verses, and the hook is reminiscent of a cool summer breeze. I feel like this is the song to drink Firefly to at about 9:00pm on your porch.


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