It’s Friday.

Get Drunk.

And Summer Jam.

Free Music this week.

“Let Me Dope You” by Childish Gambino

Let Me Dope You – Childish Gambino

Let Me Dope You – Childish Gambino

Alright, this week is basically songs that make Will and I flip out in my car while we’re driving around. Or I’m driving around rather. Anyway, meet Childish Gambino. If you’ve ever seen Community (NBC), DerrickComedy (Bro Rape, Mystery Team, etc), or his recent special on Comedy Central, Donald Glover is that funny indie looking black dude. And he’s hilarious. I literally can’t get enough of him (pause). When I found out that Donald Glover had started rapping, I was interested, but not enough to check it out until fall of 2009 when he released his “I Am Just a Rapper” mixtape. His recent record, Culdesac, is ten times better than that badass mixtape. The entire record is a summer jam. Most of it is on my summer playlist, but one of the standouts is this track, Let Me Dope You. It includes a Lil’ Jon sample in the hook. So OF COURSE IT’S CRUNK. Just play it. It’s a real hype jam. Just hearing it begin excites me. Grab Culdesac for free at Childish Gambino’s website.

“Burn Hot the Records” by All Get Out

Burn Hot the Records – All Get Out

Burn Hot the Records – All Get Out

This is the first local band I’ve written about in Summer Jams. This song is hot as all get out. I like to roll down the windows of my 1988 Mercedes 300E and turn it up so loud that the speakers bleed. I pull up to thugs at stoplights and they give me respect nods. This song is that hard. “Bring it Home” is great too. This EP makes me so amp’d to hear the record. Also, All Get Out is on tour right now with Lydia (final tour). Plus, This EP is available at and you can pay what you would like to. So grab it. Then you can roll around your city yelling “DON’T DIG A FOXHOLE”…Not that I do that or anything.


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