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7 Q’s with Polar War

1)       Describe your music for those who aren’t familiar.

I would say our music is a pretty good mix of straight forward rock, with a few lighter melodic songs and some other really heavy ones thrown in.

2)      Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Maylene, Colour Revolt, Edison Glass

3)      What are some of your favorite parts about the music scene that you come out of?  What are some things that you wish you could change about the music scene?

There isn’t really a well established music scene for our style here in Rock Hill, but the clubs we’ve been playing around town have been really open and supportive, as have the other bands we’ve been playing with. As far as improving the music scene, I think people need to remember that if one of us local bands succeed, then we’re more likely to all improve our games. We should definitely have each other’s backs more often instead of talking crap about each other and stepping on others to get ahead.

4)      How did your band get started?

We got started as a couple friends who played in a worship band together getting together to try out some original songs we had been working on individually. It just kind of grew from there and we went through some line-up changes and stylistic changes to get to the sound we’re creating right now.

5)      What are you most excited about for the future of your band?

Right now we’re pumped to be releasing our first full-length CD, Gun, which we recorded with John Naclerio up at Nada Recording in New York. We went through a lot to get that made, and are really happy with how it turned out. As far as more long term future goes, we’re going to try to shop around to some labels and radio stations, as well as trying to book some more shows, to see if we can expand our fan base a little more.

6)      If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

I think the music industry overall is in a pretty tough place. They’re still stuck in a time before music sharing became prevalent, and as a result, they haven’t really been focusing on what’s best for a given band or artist. They want to sign somebody and get rich quick, but with the wide spread use of music sharing sites, that simply won’t work anymore. I really think that given time (and a ton of free downloads) people will get to where they are actually fans of a given band, and will want to pay for their music so that they can continue to make more. I’m not sure if that’s coming across exactly like I see it in my mind, but the bottom line is – the record companies need to have a longer term strategy in which they support artists in the beginning until they make enough of a name for themselves that they will start making that money back.

7)      Who are some of your favorite South Carolina or Regional bands to play with?  What band do you think your fans should check out?

From South Carolina, I would have to say my favorite band is Wylie. Their music is great, and it gets stuck in my head for days after I listen to them. Regionally, I would love to play a show with Shotgun Lover. They’re a band out of Nashville that had better get huge, or else there is something wrong with this world.

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