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New Haley Shaw EP-Magnolia

Haley Shaw has released her new Nashville inspired EP Magnolia available now on Bandcamp.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is her first album release since her 2006 release As if it Were Twilight. Her new EP was recorded and produced by Taylor Bray who is a South Carolina native who currently lives in Nashville and has worked with a host of SC artists.

Magnolia shows a slow transition in Shaw’s music towards a more country feel. It seems to be more in the production end than in her songwriting.  All of the songs sound uniquely hers melodically, but adding in pedal steel guitar and a shuffle drum beat will ring the country music bell in your head. It’s something we expected and enjoy after her move from Charleston to Nashville years ago.

In July 2008 we told you her new record was being finished up. Well, here it is, so download it today along with all of the B Sides recorded between EP’s.

Haley Shaw will be performing in late April at the Scene SC House of Softcore in support of her latest release.

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