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The Weekend in Review: Manchester and The Love Language

We had quite an adventurous weekend music wise with All Get Out, Manchester Orchestra, O’Brother and The Love Language in town.

3 times I was mistaken for Andy Hull. One free drink.

1 time we were kicked out of the green room. (Whoops)

1st time I’ve been back to Art Bar since that whole Art Bar/Scene SC thing.  Truth is, I’ve forgotten all about it and other people remember better than I do.

I got to the show early Friday so I could hang out with the guys in O’Brother and All Get Out while they were in town.  Before we started this website we were seeing both of these bands every chance we got, and at a couple of those shows there were not many people there.  It’s kind of the same story for Manchester Orchestra who went from playing The Boiler Room to The Watershed to New Brookland Tavern to now playing for 2,500 + people in the Jillian’s parking lot.  93.5 and the mainstream rock listeners really came out and supported this show.

We have an interview with Manchester Orchestra posting tomorrow with high quality pictures from the show.  It’s a more in depth look at the process of writing their last album and how they’ve grown through venues in their relationship with Columbia.  All of the guys in Manchester were really nice and respectful to us when we met them.  It’s not easy to be that way when a random dude that looks vaguely like your bands singer asks you your spirit animal.

Spirit Animals

Ben Walker-Native American

Aaron Wamack-Wolves

Anton Dang-Bear

Michael Martens-Albatross

Chris Freeman-(We forgot to tweet his.  I swear it was something and an Eagle.  Like a Wolf Eagle.)

Saturday night I flew solo and went to see The Love Language at Art Bar.  When I was walking up I expected to see closer to a sold out crowd, but it was kind of thin at first.  Ended up being a pretty good crowd, but not the packed house I would expect for a top notch Merge Records band in Columbia.  I think that had to do with it being 21+.  I know you could have added 50+ people bringing in the college crowd.  I know Rupert was disappointed that he couldn’t get in the show.  Saturday was like having the old crowd back at Art Bar.  Even though I went by myself, it seemed to be the central gathering spot of friends in Columbia.

Anyways, The Unawares and Say Brother put on an amazing show as always.  They split the stages and used both rooms at Art Bar like they do at Music Crawl.  I like it.  I think that’s the best way to do it even though I know it probably sucks for the sound person.

The Love Language slayed as everyone knew they would.  When they started out there were seriously 10 people in front of the stage and then people filled in through the first and second songs to pack the room.  Their infectious pop won over a room decorated for what seems their style of music.  Retro, robots, Christmas lights, a wall of televisions and a drunk dancing mid 20’s crowd.

Sunday-David slept.

We’re starting to podcast again this week.  Get excited.

PS. Thanks to the dudes in O’Brother, Chris @ Big Hassle for helping us out and everyone that took care of this weekend.


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