Preview: Music Midtown 2011

Music Midtown 2011

Piedmont Park – Atlanta, GA

Saturday, Sept. 24         $55

So I am pretty sure that the organizer of this Atlanta festival was like “Hey, how about we pick all the best LIVE bands in the world and put them in one festival?” which is why I am so impressed by this lineup. Lots of festivals like to pick artists that are “hyped about” or “online famous” and maybe don’t know what their live show is and sometimes that doesn’t go as well as expected. I have seen most of these bands (and they were so good) and I have heard amazing things about the ones that I haven’t. All these bands are absolutely brilliant performers.

The Lineup


The Black Keys

Manchester Orchestra

Cage The Elephant

Young The Giant

The Joy Formidable

Band of Skulls

The Constellations

The Postelles

Walk The Moon

AND it is all in one day. You can see every single one of these bands in one day. It takes place in a nice park in Atlanta and seriously, it’s so cheap. You would probably pay more than this just to see Coldplay OR The Black Keys so to see both + more amazing bands is such a steal. I know that I will be there, trying to stalk the bands to get their spirit animals.

Here’s the link for tickets:

I hope to see you there!





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