Harrison Hudson – Every Girl by favoritegentlemen

Saturday night Harrison Hudson will be making his way through Greenville on tour for his latest release American Thunder. On American Thunder Harrison Hudson rambles around the 60’s with his rebel ways, black jeans, white tee, and singing about every girl that’s crossed his path. While sticking to the indie rock that he is known for, Hudson explores more of his early childhood influences on the new record.  Something you can either blast out of your car while waiting on your Dave’s Big and Nasty and your Oreo Freeze or sit up in your room and blast it on your radio and dance on your bed.  Either way it’s a good listen.

Headlining the show at The Channel will be Sequoyah who are still out promoting their latest album Spells. Spells took the country boys back to their Southern roots with tunes like “Do What I Do” and “Hands in the Dirt.” These fellows look more comfortable shooting guns out on the farm, but when they aren’t busy hoeing up God’s green earth, you’re likely to see them sitting around the house, shooting dice and singing some good ole Southern hymns.

The Channel

Greenville, SC

Sequoyah/Harrison Hudson/Good Friends, Bad Company


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