Foley’s Year in Review

Thoughts on 2011:

 We already posted some of our thoughts on 2011 here: But here are some memories we have as a band over the past year:

 All Get Out – The Season: we were blown away by the badassness of this album. Always cool to see local bands get even wider exposure and put out such a thoroughly well-done album. If you’ve be in Columbia at all, you’ve anticipated this release, and I’m excited for them to have it done and out for people to fall in love with.

Playing with the RocketboysWas awesome to play with these guys. Awesome musicians and incredible music. Their most recent EP “Wellwisher” is one of the best four song releases we’ve heard in a while.

 Sea Wolf MutinyLove the exposure these guys are getting and their incredibly unique sound. Plus their commitment to playing out a lot. If you live in Columbia and haven’t been able to see these guys live, it’s most definitely your fault.

 Junior Astronomers: Their EP didn’t come out in 2011 I’m pretty sure. But getting to see those guys play show after show after show, and then getting picked up by Fav Gentlemen community is pretty awesome for those guys, and is a win for local music.  Our favorite memories of 2012 will most definitely include their full-length.

Our release show in August was one of the most memorable times we’ve had as a band. Being able to share the stage with The Sea wolf mutiny and the Rejectioneers was absolutely incredible. Being able to play in front of 200 or so people of different tastes was a blast. Having all three bands releasing music on that night, all the artwork and seeing the response of support at the door was really encouraging. Seeing Ben, Kenny, Christian, Chris and Biscuit making music in Columbia again is pretty awesome as well.

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