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Show Preview: Glowfest South Carolina

Glowfest South Carolina featuring Big Gigantic, 3LAU, The Dean’s List and others

Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC   8pm   $30

This event is something that strays pretty far from the music that we usually cover on this website but it is something that is happening in the music scene so why not cover it, right? This Glowfest thing has been going on quite a while with popular shows featuring artists such as Chiddy Bang, Pretty Lights, and Crystal Castles. Tonight, they are bringing their intense, electronic show to Columbia, SC. Now, there are two big shows tonight, the other being SceneSC’s own Kopecky Family Band show, and both these shows are going to bring incredibly polarizing crowds.

If you’re not interested in seeing the wonderful folk-rock of Kopecky Family Band and would instead like to dance all night with glowsticks and lights, this is the show for you. My friend Andrew Froelich is running the lights for Big Gigantic and let me tell you, he’s really good. I saw him running Childish Gambino’s visuals and they were very impressive so I’m sure with this show he’s just going to go insane. This show is probably going to be pretty nuts, so if you want to go hard on a Tuesday night, check this out.

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  1. wow. two hundred words on this show and not one mention of the columbia rapper on the bill.

    way to go “local” music blog.

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