[4-3 DJOJ] Mountain Homes/Shannon Vogt

When it comes to listening to music I don’t differentiate between whether a band is from the northwest corner of Washington state or whether they are from Greenville, SC. Good music made in Chapel Hill or Athens sounds the same as good music made in Charleston or Florence. For some reason people are fixated on the fact that I cover more bands from Charleston or Columbia than Greenville or Spartanburg. The bottom line is when I’m listening to music I’m not listening to the city in which they are from.

When I hear “Carriage” by Mountain Homes it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve heard lately. And yes that includes all the songs that I’ve heard from Justin Townes Earle, Delta Spirit, Jonny Corndawg, and all the other national stuff I’ve heard lately. As a music listener all local means to me is that they are from near where I live, it doesn’t mean a drop in the quality of music.

If you see someone’s name more than three times in a day in the music world you should give them a listen. That was my story with Shannon Vogt, when her name just kept popping up. So I gave her a listen and instantly liked it. If you check my lastfm I’ve been going back and listening to a lot of Liz Phair lately. Vogt isn’t nearly as vulgar as Phair, in fact she goes straight for the heart-strings which is always fine by me. I enjoy my music acoustic and sad.

DJOJ is a series of posts showing what David is listening to and why he is listening.

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