The Vespers at TW Boone’s

The Vespers

Thursday, April 26
TW Boone’s, Greenwood, SC
$5 Cover, Show begins 8:30pm

What do you get when you combine a pair of sisters and a set of brothers?  According to The Vespers, that equals infectious folk-pop with amazing harmonies.  The quartet tours all across the East and South with their home base being in Nashville.  This is their third show in the Greenwood area and you need to come out and be a part of something special.

At the show expect a lot of toe tapping and a variety of musical influences.  The music can seem at any point in time to sound like rootsy mountain music to old timey hymnal-type vibes that will have you wondering why you’ve never heard of them before now.  The Vespers are getting a lot of groundswell due to word-of-mouth promotion, and you’re going to want to make sure you can say you knew of them before they were cool.