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Show Preview: Reptar Album Release Show

Reptar w/ Grape Soda and Grass Giraffes 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA   Friday, May 4

9pm Doors   $10 advance/$15 with album   Tickets

I saw Athens band Reptar at Lollapalooza last year without having much previous knowledge of their music and they absolutely blew me away. They had an energy unmatched by most live acts I’ve seen and their music is diverse, catchy, and full of power. I knew that this band were going somewhere, and this was before I heard their debut album Body Faucet. I’m going to say that this album is definitely the best album of 2012 so far (until Stepdad and Nathan K release their new albums). Every song on this album is brilliant and I know that they are going to bring it when they pull these songs out on stage tomorrow.

This show is two things: 1) an album release show, 2) a hometown show. Both of these things are very special and I’m hoping that the band pull out some awesome surprises during the show. Regardless, this band are going to bring a kind of energy to the stage that most bands cannot match. Also, the 40 Watt Club is amazing venue with great sound that will perfectly capture the band’s eclectic sound in an intimate setting.

You can check out their Windows 95-inspired website right here

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