Chemical Peel – Bad Cream

So, I have a well professed love for loud-ass music, frontwomen, and Fork and Spoon records. When these three things come together, you get Bad Cream. I headed to bandcamp to listen to the tracks, and give a little commentary on what I heard. First of all, click the image or link above to head to Chemical Peel’s bandcamp and buy or download the EP. They also have cassettes available (awesome).

All in all, I feel like the band has grown a lot. The songs are a lot more cohesive, and I believe you’ll see a huge jump if you’re familiar with their old stuff. No worries though, it’s still dirty, abrasive, and tastefully reckless. The bass lines are so dirty as hell and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This record makes me want to try and learn how to skateboard again. “Hell” has this awesome swing groove going on, and it comes as a bit of a surprise. I took notes while listening to each song, but my only note for “Whirled” is ‘favorite’. No idea why. That track just slays. The penultimate song,”80s Song”, was first heard on the Fork and Spoon “Free Love Free Download 2012” mixtape, which features many other great tracks from F&S bands and contributors. Download it now. “Easily Fermented”, the last track, has the most interesting vocals on the record. The song is a good choice to close the record on.

If you like garage punk, loud music in general, then you definitely ought to give this record a listen.

Chemical Peel plays tonight at New Brookland Tavern with Joint D≠ and Southern Femisphere and Braindead. Also, Southern Femisphere is awesome, so don’t skip out on the openers.

Chemical Peel is going on tour and will hit Charleston on August 9 at Tin Roof.

Written by Bakari Lebby

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