[New Music] Western Romantic-Photograph


Being in a band spread between three states isn’t easy, especially when you just had a new album come out and are trying to promote it. Dan McCurry and his longtime project Run Dan Run understands this frustration. And while other Run Dan Run members have their own side projects, McCurry has kept most of his songs with Run Dan Run. Western Romantic marks McCurry’s first venture away from RDR, accompanied here only by guitar, bass, organ, and drum machine.

After the dissolving of Pedro the Lion and before David Bazan’s career under his own name, was a synth project called Headphones with longtime collaborator TW Walsh. The project floated between electronic and living, breathing, organic music, mixing live drums with electronic drums. McCurry seems to be following in these footsteps with “Photograph”, the first demo released off Western Romantic’s début album.

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