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Favorite Gentlemen Tour Saturday at New Brookland Tavern

David Summers

Being a fan of a record label or a collective is nothing new. Just looking at the last 12 years, finding one band tended to lead to gold mines of bands you’d be sure to like. Drive Thru, Tooth and Nail, Fueled By Ramen, Victory, Jade Tree, Barsuk, Militia Group, Vagrant, Sub Pop, Deep Elm, Shrimp, and Ramseur just to name a few, have taken the traditional bad guy reputation of record labels and thrown them out the window. A lot of these labels have turned into families, more than strictly a business venture to profit off a band.

Favorite Gentlemen has always taken the family approach, down to hosting The Stuffing, a festival in their hometown of Atlanta the night before Thanksgiving every year. While Favorite Gentlemen bands have toured together for years, this is the first time it’s been official.

Founded in 2005 by members of Manchester Orchestra, Favorite Gentlemen has been adding members to the family steadily over the years. Family that includes musicians, photographers, designers, writers, and music lovers in addition to the bands on their roster. The accessibility and the good nature of their artists have been the key to this.

While this tour doesn’t carry the labels heavy hitters like Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books, Kevin Devine, or O’Brother, it does feature four bands on the rise. Both Death of Two Wheels and Junior Astronomers have new full length albums on the horizon, with All Get Out and Harrison Hudson having released albums in 2011.

All Get Out– This will be your first chance to see the new All Get Out lineup in Columbia along with some new tunes.

Harrison Hudson– It’s not often that the Nashville musician/photographer makes it to Columbia to play shows. Their latest album American Thunder is wonderfully retro.

Death on Two Wheels– They were described as “the satanic black crows” at their New York show. Sweaty rock n roll with more hooks than a tackle box.

Junior Astronomers– With a new album in the works, Junior Astronomers are on the upswing. Become part of the Dead Nostalgia.



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