Touche Amore and Balance and Composure at One Unit 9/20

Touche Amore/Balance and Composure/Apart/I am Carpenter

Thursday Sept 20 $10

One Unit Art Space
810 S. Edisto Avenue
Columbia, SC 29205

Two names synonymous with the modern wave of post hardcore bands are Touche Amore and more recently Balance and Composure. These bands, along with others, have always found a second home in Columbia, SC. Whether it be bringing the hardcore family to Beltline and the House of Hardcore or packing out New Brookland Tavern, Balance and Composure and Touche Amore have done both over the last four years. Paying respect to their fans and to their past, these two bands along with two quickly rising upstate bands Apart, and I am Carpenter, will pack out One Unit Thursday September 20.

The facebook event for this show is advertised with the fact that there are no advanced tickets for this show, and that no one will be turned away at the door. No drinking inside the building and other bands need not ask to hop on this show. This is a show that will become a story, a myth and a legend in the music community. If you’re doubting your faith in live music, the energy at this show will save your soul. Beware of flailing feet and elbows.