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In October of 2011 we received our first email from Heyrocco. A simple, polite email that closed with the following lines.

“…So we just wanted to drop a line and let you know that we are a very serious group of children that want to make beautiful music and we completely support you guys in what you are doing. It is awesome and we want to be a part of it.”

Attached was the video for their song “Brothers.” Three months later they were on our 2012 sampler and we’ve been doing our best to spread the word about what a talented young group of guys they are.

Today, we’re happy to release “Elsewhere”, the first song off their upcoming 4 song EP recorded at Hello Telescope in Charleston with Josh Kaler.

After recording and producing their début full length album “Comfort” on their own, they turned to a real producer for their latest project. The names Josh Kaler (Slow Runner) and Hello Telescope ring with respect throughout South Carolina and across the US. In 2011 they recorded the William Fitzsimmons record and the Jay Clifford record that were both rated on the iTunes best indie records of that year. So it says a lot that they’ve invested their time with Heyrocco. For Heyrocco, it’s the first time that a producer has invested time in them, getting hands on and taking control of the project. The results of which can be heard here and are outstanding.

So what’s next for Heyrocco? More touring, more shows, and releasing this EP, or maybe a full length later in the year. At this point they are just playing it by ear, building a team, and working hard. They’ve already been touring hard for the last year, building strong crowds outside of their home town of Charleston, SC in such towns as Wilmington and Savannah. The South isn’t the only place paying attention to them though. They’ve also built a little following in Brooklyn, NY. 2013 looks to be the year they start to break out. Let’s hope so, they’ve already quit their jobs.

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