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#TwitterThursday with @ELIMBOLT and @Owl_Restaurant

This week I joined the modern world and purchased an iPhone.  Since then, I have become a member of Instagram and was able to post a picture of an IROC-Z that was painted up like the Red Power Ranger.  I feel that I have reached the pinnacle of my life now.  There’s no way I’ll ever top that sweet, sweet Camaro photo.  However, for your sake, I am still going to do #TwitterThursday.  You may not have reached your pinnacle and reading this could be it.

You know what I like?  Tall people.  Funny people.  People with beards.  People who play good tunes.  And so, I like @ELIMBOLT as all of these things combine on the band’s twitter.  See what I mean about beards?


I know that one cat does not have a heard, but he gets a pass.  That vintage-y leather wins him enough cool points.  Cool points are also won for the random hashtags that I do not understand but thoroughly enjoy.  Apparently, @ELIMBOLT does not need my cool points.  They already have really awesome opening acts:

eb2There was no disclaimer on this tweet, so I am going to say that it’s 100% factual.  Someone who has a mullet wig on in their avi photo would not lie to me or you.  If you want to fact check, start heading to Atlanta now.

EB3If you can’t make it out to Atlanta, check out the @ELIMBOLT bandcamp and see what’s up.  The album Nude South can be streamed on the site and it has pretty fun cover art.  Also, it was just released like two months ago.  Get in on this now.  You want to be able to say you liked @ELIMBOLT before they sold out and toured with Matchbox 20.

Speaking of getting in on things early, you’re going to want to do that with @Owl_Restaurant, too.  This place is located at  728 Wade Hampton Boulevard in Greenville and from what I hear it’s where all the cool kids go.  I only hear this because I have not been.  I may not be cool enough to go.  I am still weighing that issue, but if this is on the menu I may just go anyway:

o1In addition to delicious food, @Owl_Restaurant also has some super awesome looking cocktails, too:

o2They had me at Blood Orange.  That’s what Dexter drinks.  I do whatever Dexter does.  Besides murder.  I don’t murder people.  Another thing that Dexter and I both like is a good hearty breakfast.  The only thing better than breakfast is brunch, because you can sleep late and it’s socially acceptable to drink at brunch.  @Owl_Restaurant serves brunch, therefore they are awesome.  Looks like the atmosphere is pretty cool, too:o3

I like going to restaurants with dim lighting because everyone looks super fine in dim lighting.  I am sure you, dear reader, look hot in any light, but chances are you’ll have a better chance of someone winking at you at @Owl_Restaurant.  Don’t believe me?  Go and report back.  I’ll sit here and wait.

While I am waiting, please feel free to tweet @SceneSC any twitter accounts you want to see on #twitterthursday.  They’ll also be waiting.

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