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Bad Books with The Front Bottoms and Weatherbox

Andy Hull at The Stuffing 2012
Andy Hull at The Stuffing 2012

The air was so hot the paint was peeling off the walls the day I went to see Kevin Devine in Charleston in the summer of 2010. We had an acoustic session set up, outside, and it was sticky to say the least. When Devine asked us what song he should play, I said play us something new, he replied, “how about something from my upcoming Bad Books project?”

He went on to play “Mesa, Arizona” and SceneSC ended up debuting Bad Books to the world with that acoustic session.

Bad Books is a collaboration of Kevin Devine, and Manchester Orchestra, with the music leaning a bit out of both of their primary projects. Bad Books takes a more laid back approach, and while the music and songwriting is stellar, there seems to be less pressure surrounding the side project. Hull and Devine share songwriting and singing duties, sometimes trading vocals back and forth like in their single “Forest Whitaker.”

El Burrito is one of our favorite taco joints in Columbia, and their bluegrass night is a huge hit, but do you remember the time The Front Bottoms played there? Before they were touring with Kevin Devine/Bad Books, The Front Bottoms played a SceneSC Showcase/WUSC Zombie Walk with support from Those Lavender Whales and Marshall Brown. The Front Bottoms play unfiltered power acoustic pop. Words flow out like a child with seemingly little forethought, describing relationship issues, getting fucked up, and growing up in general.

Weatherbox’s last show at New Brookland Tavern was out of control. I heard a rumor that they received a lifetime ban, but that was obviously just a rumor. I’m talking broken glowsticks y’all.

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