It’s Twitter Thursday, y’all!  I know you probably wonder from week to week if I will be here if I am dead.  Not dead, I promise.  I’ve just been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.  Regardless, I am here now to deliver you tweets fresh from the interwebs.  First up, we have @COASTbrewing:cb3

The gist of this, as I understand it, is that in SC breweries cannot sell pints on premises.  That’s no fun, you guys.  Our SC Brewers have gotten together and filed a bill to rectify this travesty.  Best of luck you guys…for our sakes, that is.  cb1@COASTbrewing is also preparing for Brewvival this Saturday.  Homecats from Dogfishhead and Sierra Nevada will be there to lead us all to brew-heaven.  There’s also plenty of beer to baptize yourself in.  You’ll have beersalvation.  I’m out of religious metaphors, but you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this.  I swear to brew-god.

cb2If Brewvival is too much for you, stop talking to me.  But really, no, stop.  @COASTbrewing would probably love to still be friends with you, though.  You can go to one of their tastings and try to pick up what they’re laying down over in Charleston.  I want to pick up a whole lot of the HopArt, personally.  You’d know that if we were still on speaking terms.

Wanna get back on my good side?  Go with me to New Brookland Tavern this Sunday.  @BadBooksMusic is playing.  And I love me some @BadBooksMusicbb1They’ve been teasing us with some exclusive behind the scenes pictures and tweets.  The gent above in the toboggan is @LightninFreeman.  I was as close to him as I am to my computer now and you know what I said?  Nothing.  I am very intimidated next to people who have their faces on a t-shirt that circulates the population.  bb2Here we have Andy Hull and Kevin Devine showing how adept they are with camera phones and how excited the crowd is to be at a @BadBooksMusic show.  I think someone in the crowd is holding up a street sign.  That reminds me of the Bon Jovi vid where the girl held up her Bon Jovi license plate.  Basically, @BadBooksMusic is the new Bon Jovi.  I hope they are comfortable in that role.  I expect the spandex to roll out sometime before the next tour.bb3All @BadBooksMusic supporters also need to make sure to tweet @altnation.  Do that, then buy your tickets for the NBT show.  You save $2 if you buy in advance.  Also, if you buy in advance and tweet about it, I can creep on who is going to the show to see who I want to coyly stand next to during “I Begged You Everything” trying to hold hands.  Is that a joke?  Maybe.  Come out Sunday to find out.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by #TwitterThursday, you should tweet @SceneSC and let them know.  You should also send any tweeps you think we should feature to @SceneSC, as well, and hashtag it with #TwitterThursday for good measure.

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