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(ETW) Modern Day Vampire Weekend

"Modern Vampires of the City" by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend have had kind of a hard go at it as a band. After bursting onto the hip culture music scene in late 2007 with a tour with The Shins, and praise from Rolling Stone and Spin, Vampire Weekend seemed to be set for an enjoyable career of releasing music. Instead they started to receive some backlash from a community that’s nearly impossible to please. The underground started to mutter and pin VW as preppy privileged kids ripping off African music, and the band kind of just dropped off the map. In an interview with Guardian lead singer Ezra Koenig even talked of hanging up the band and finding a writing job.

Instead they took some time out of the mainstream to focus on writing. With the new album they didn’t run from who they are. Recording some in Martha’s Vinyard, and referring to the Kennedy family in their single “Diane Young”, Vampire Weekend is proving that they’re comfortable with who they are, and even spin their own formula with Modern Vampires of the City. They still seem to be chippy in interviews, but as of the release of their album yesterday fans seem to be loving the new album. The new album is successful because it’s bold and brave, but is it really that hard to stand up to bloggers fingers and think pieces about how you’re well off? They are the ones with orange covered Cheeto fingers in their parents basement.  The point being, don’t listen to people’s shit and make music. It’s that simple.


(Vampire Weekend Prize pack) Winner will be contacted 5/20

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  1. Sometimes people get drunk on the power and anonymity that the net provides.

    First listen of the new Vampire Weekend was good. Looking forward multiple play throughs. Especially if it is this vinyl prize pack!

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