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[New Music Debut] Hussey-Angry Men

Hussey-Ground Me

New album ‘Ground Me’ Due Out August 6, 2013

For years All Get Out frontman Nathan Hussey has leaked songs never planned for All Get Out records through live acoustic videos, Daytrotter sessions, home demos, and through The Blue Indian sampler. ‘Ground Me’, the new album due out August 6, is Hussey’s first official venture into the solo world.

After touring much of 2012 and throughout the first half of 2013 with All Get Out on the back of their latest album The Season, Hussey focused on his solo material the moment he returned home. He started recording Ground Me June 1, 2013 determined to have the album out as soon as possible. Not rushed, but focused. The result is an album of slow-growing songs, filled with beautiful moments, paying homage to obvious influences, and touching new territory unfamiliar to newer All Get Out fans.

The first single “Angry Men” is as light-hearted as it gets on the new album, with a door laughing back at the man who punched it. “Angry Men” is the opening track of the 10 song album, opening with a metaphor, and closing with a song titled “What Do You Know About Me”. Direct and to the point, what do you think you learned about the man behind the album?

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