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Metronome Charleston One Year B-Day Bash


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I’m a big admirer of Metronome Charleston, maybe their biggest fan. In only one year the webzine stormed out of the gate, connecting deeply with the Charleston music and comedy scene, covering just about every bit of relevant news that happened. Founders Ballard Lesemann and girlfriend Jessica Mickey had a plan and executed it well, by being visible to bands, having a top-notch calendar, and providing content that is well thought out and informative. It also helps that the Charleston music scene is at a high point, with bands like Shovels and Rope having a national presence, Band of Horses popping up around town, and a boatload of local talent that’s descended upon the city in the last 4 years.

In their year one recap Lesemann mentions how he was not a fan of music blogs early on, he’s a print man, having spent years with Flagpole in Athens, GA and Charleston City Paper. We come from different eras of thought. When I graduated from journalism school in 2006 our class was encouraged to start blogs and find alternate methods of publication.  I understand the distaste for blogs, most of them don’t know what they’re doing, don’t understand the journalism side, and don’t follow the standard rules. As a reader, it was a relief when Metronome Charleston popped up on my news feed for the first time with content that rivals any print magazine out there. Music websites are a dime a dozen these days, but music websites that cover South Carolina music aren’t, and Metronome Charleston started at a great time, filling a void that yearned to be filled.

The lineup for their one year anniversary show Friday September 20 is stacked with six acts, including Charleston’s Boring Portals, Elim Bolt, Lindsay Holler, Jordan Igoe, The Fairy God Muthas, and Columbia bastions of rock n roll The Unawares. Igoe kicks off the music at 8:30, but get there early for Rock n Roll trivia on the porch with Ballard. If you’re smart and maybe a little lucky you’ll be able to win some free drinks from the bar.

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