The Dodos Tour on New Album ‘Carrier’ to New Brookland Tavern


With their 2013 release Carrier The Dodos dropped the gimmicks and went to record with John Vanderslice who is known for his analog friendly setup. The result is their 5th full length album, and first since their 2011 album No Color.

Carrier is heavily influenced by the unexpected passing of guitarist Chris Reimer who joined the band for a short stint becoming somewhat of the bands third member. The big difference in Carrier isn’t that the album is darker, that would come to be expected with the territory, but that Dodo’s frontman Meric Long ditched the acoustic for electric guitar on this album. Still Carrier has its soft beautiful moments with songs like “Relief” and “Death.”

“Chris was a huge influence on the way I think about guitar, songwriting, and music in general,” reveals Long. “Seeing how he could transform and shape sound with an electric guitar inspired me to explore more tones and use those tones to begin writing a song.”

The Dodos focused on two principles with Carrier and that was patience in letting the songs develop and to create a judgement-free enthusiasm to the sound.


-2 Sets of Tickets

-2 CDs

-1 LP (180-gram smoke vinyl in gatefold jacket with download)

Winners will be contacted Noon October 3

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