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The P-Willows Play Opening Night at State Fair

Prairie Willows

The Prairie Willows have established themselves over the past year with a strong live performance featuring tasteful covers, tuneful harmonies, and a variety of instruments that range from a kazoo, to a tub, to the boots on their feet. This summer the band recorded a couple of songs at The Jam Room with Fat Rat da Czar in a quick three-hour window — songs they released via a special disc at the Stereofly Workers Comp Labor Day Festival show. While those songs are adequate, nothing does their stage show justice like their Woodshed live recording. Live they have the ability to control the crowd’s emotions with dark-weighty covers like Sharon Van Etten’s “For You” and then quickly reheat things with originals like “Whiskey” and a host of barn burning covers that they’ve made all their own.

The Prairie Willows play the WIS Stage at the SC State Fair Wednesday October 9, and Conundrum on October 26th — opening for Johnny Irion and Sarah Lee Guthrie.

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