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The Fishing Journal Back at It


Their name might suggest something intrinsically calming, but The Fishing Journal is anything but. The trios late 2012 Ditch EP is an aggressive barrage of guitar, drums, and bass, crashing through six thick songs with little time for the listener to come up for air. Their live show is an equal onslaught of  dimed fuzz and pounding rhythm mixed with angular drums and guitars. Repetition is a key part of their music, melodies squatting in your memory with unexpected tempo turns keeping you on your toes. So goes it for the bands first two 6 song releases. The Fishing Journal have a 7 inch release in the works for 2014 with a different sound that finds them exploring new directions. So far 2013’s seen them do more fishing than riffing. But isn’t that where you find the art?

November 14th at The Radio Room

with Mason Jar Menagerie  and  T.C. Costello (Greenville, SC)

Nov 15 at Snug Harbor

with Jack Derringer & the Smokin’ Gunz, Velvet Elvis, Corsair

Nov 16 at Art Bar

with Black Market, Happiness Bomb, That Hideous Strength

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